Eurolec manufactures and supplies a wide range of thermometers, probes, Infrared thermometers and temperature loggers to suit all budgets and applications including Food Industry/HACCP, Laboratory, Engineering, Chemical/Pharmaceutical, Education, Environmental, Rubber/Plastics, HVAC, General Industry.

Temperature measurement, datalogging and control is crucial in many industries and sectors. Let Eurolec solve your temperature measurement needs and provide you with the ideal solution.

Below is a summary of each of our product ranges.

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Precision & Economy Temperature Calibration Sources


CS Series

A range of precision dry-block & black body temperature calibration sources, ideal for high accuracy temperature calibration processes.

The CS174 & CS175 instruments are available with additional blank inserts that allow for user customisation of the probe holes in the insert.

All versions include a temperature control system and a pocket for a reference thermometer, allowing for greater accuracy of the calibration system.

  • CS173 +30°C to +200°C
  • CS174/CS174-IN 40°C below ambient to +85°C
  • CS175/CS175-IN 40°C below ambient to +85°C
  • CS350 +30°C to +350°C
  • CS650 +30°C to +650°C
Eurolec CS174 High Precision Temperature Calibration Source

CSEC Series

A range of cost-effective dry block temperature calibration sources, ideal for accurate, easy-to-use in-house calibration processes.

  • CSEC1 +30°C to +200°C
  • CSEC2 38°C below ambient to +85°C
  • CSEC3 -30°C below ambient (or -10°C min) to +105°C
Eurolec CS174 High Precision Temperature Calibration Source


Precision Reference Thermometers, High Temperature Thermometers, TH Series Probe Thermometers, PC Temp Series Thermometers & Infra-Red Thermometers


RT Series

A range of bench-top and portable reference thermometers designed for high accuracy measurements and as a reference check for the accuracy of other thermometers and temperature calibration sources.

All instruments use a platinum film probe. The PC Temp RT2 is a portable, handheld version of the desktop RT162 instrument.

The RT163 provides switchable °C/°F, RS232 output and mains power.

  • RT162 -30.00°C to +199.99°C
  • RT163 -30.00°C to +200.00°C
  • PC Temp RT2 -30.00°C to +199.99°C
Eurolec PC Temp PT2 Precision Reference Thermometer

A range of thermometers designed for high temperature measurement using K-Type thermocouples.

The temperature range and features available from the measurement instrument depend on the selection of the thermocouple type and the specific instrument chosen.

Examples of high temperature thermometers include:

  • TH102KC -200°C to +1200°C
  • PC Temp K2 -40°C to +1000°C
  • BMK Desktop Thermometer suitable for K-Type Thermocouples
Eurolec PC Temp K2 High Temperature Thermometer

TH & PC Temp Series

A range of portable, handeld thermometers using either metal cases (TH Series) or plastic cases (PC Temp Series).

Ideal for use across a wide range of industries and applications wherever there is a need for simple, accurate measurement of temperature, the TH and PC Temp series provide a solution.

Both the TH and PC Temp series can be used with K or T type probes and themocouples, allowing a wide range of temperatures to be covered.

  • TH Series Metal case using either a K-Type or T-Type probe
  • PC Temp Series Lightweight design using either a K-Type or T-Type probe
Eurolec PC Temp PT2 Probe Thermometer

IR Series

A range of Infrared thermometers suitable for non-contact temperature measurements.

The Eurolec IR151 and IR152 feature a robust aluminium case and a clear, backlit display.

The IR151 uses a fixed emitter in the top of the case whereas the IR152 uses a handheld sensor/lens.

In addition to the IR series, we can also supply the Testo range of IR based thermometers.

Eurolec IR151 Infra-red Thermometer

RT & BM Series

A range of bench-top reference and general purpose thermometers designed for accurate temperature measurements.

The RT162 & RT163 instruments are high accuracy reference thermometers and use the high accuracy TP162G probe.

The BM Series support a wide range of sensors including K & T-Type as well as the PT100 and PT1000 for high accuracy measurements.

Eurolec RT162 High Precision Reference Thermometer

To support our desktop, handheld and portable thermometers, we have a wide range of thermocouples and probes that cover a wide range of temperature measurement values and applications.

As well as the standard range (TP101 to TP109), we can also supply custom probes and thermocouples to meet almost any measuremet application.

Please contact us for more details of either the standard range or custom range of probes and thermocouples.

Eurolec TP103T Temperature Probe

Penetration & IR Thermoters & Data Loggers

A range of Testo Thermometers & Data Loggers ideal for HACCP & Food Industry measurement applications.

Testo Measurement Instruments
SOUS VIDE Sous Vide Cooking Baths

A range of Grant Sous Vide low temperature cooking baths.

Grant Sous Vide


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