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Partnered with Ono Sokki, Eurolec can supply specialised instrumentation for rpm, vibration, FFT analysis and torque for a variety of applications and sectors: Engine tachometers, linear gauges, rotary & roller encoders, FFT analysers, thickness meters, etc.

Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd is the Ono Sokki distributor for the UK and Ireland.

Ono Sokki

FFT Analysers

A range of compact FFT analysers and comprehensive software analysis packages, supported by a variety of accessories and sensors.

  • CF-9200/9400 2 channel & 4 channel FFT Analyzers
  • DS-3200 Data Station: Sound & Vibration Real-time Analysis
  • DS-3000 series system for Combustion Analysis
  • CF-7200A Compact 2-channel FFT Analyser
  • CF-4700 FFT Comparator unit
FFT Analyser

Tachometers, RPM & Engine Speed

A range of tachometers for a variety of applications, including multi-functional advanced tachometers for both diesel and petrol engines and a range of additional sensor options.

  • HT Series portable Tachometers: contact, non-contact versions with accessories
  • CT, SE & GE Series advanced desktop multi-function Engine Tachometers
  • SE, FT & GE Series advanced Engine Tachometers
  • DS-3200 Data Station Sound/ Vibration Analysis System
Engine RPM & Speed


Vibration comparators, laser doppler vibrometers, accelerometers, and data analysis software for a range of applications.

  • Compact & lightweight accelerometers
  • DR-7100 Data Recorder for Sound & Vibration measurements
  • DS-3200 Data Station - Real-time Analysis
  • VC-2200/3200 Specialised Vibration Comparator
Vibration Transducers

Encoders & Displacement Sensors

Rotary and roller encoders for position, angle or velocity measurement applications: Characteristics of mechanical instruments, control of rotational quantities or rotational speed in motors.

  • High performance rotary encoders
  • RP-1710 Bottom-mount version
  • RP-1730 Flange-mount
  • RP-120 Series for Dual-Shaft applications
  • RP-1130D Series Compact option, Bottom-mount
Rotary Encoders


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