As the distributor for Ono Sokki products in the UK & Ireland, Eurolec can provide a comprehensive range of precision FFT Analysers and Data Processing Software.

The range of options available is extensive and a system can be configured using any of these capabilities.

The information below show the current options but we would recommend that you contact us to discuss your application and specific requirements.

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CF-9200/9400 Portable 2 channel/4 channel FFT Analyzer

The CF-9200 and CF-9400 are an all-in-one portable FFT analyzer. All FFT analysis operations can be performed with the integrated hard keys and capacitance type touch panel without requiring an external PC for analysis. The new, exclusively developed 100kHz high-performance analysis front-end system incorporating a 24-bit A/D converter enables easier and more reliable analysis of noise and vibration generated by plant lines, pumps, motors, automobiles, railway vehicles, home electrical appliances and devices, and electrical and electronic parts than previous models. The CF-9200 and CF-9400 also offer solutions for field workers in their FFT analysis, including the resonance and frequency characteristics of mechanical structures in a vibrating environment with electromagnetic vibrators and impulse hammers.

  • Compact, lightweight and high mobility portable, 2-channel/4-channel
  • 10.4 type liquid crystal intuitive touch panel operations with a swipe or pinch
  • Noise or vibration-free operation in a fan-less and spindle-less design
  • Offering 120 dB or more dynamic range (at 4096 points or more of FFT frame length, 1kHz or more). The real-time rate is 100 kHz
  • Batteries enable continuous cordless operation of up to 5 hours. (Possible to change the battery during the operation.)
  • 100 kHz internal data recording system
  • USB mass storage class function (Windows7)
  • LAN connecting function (Option)/ Bluetooth connecting function (Option)
  • Recorded data can be saved in an internal SD/SDHC memory card or USB memory stick.
  • All channels are operating isolation input or CCLD & TEDS.
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CF-9200/9400 Portable 2 channel/4 channel FFT Analyzer

DS-3200 series Data Station Sound/Vibration Analysis System

Highly configurable and high performance PC based FFT analysis with advanced functions and features, building on the high-speed calculation, proven reliability, and user-friendliness of its predecessor, the DS-2000 series.

The DS-3200 supports USB 3.0 enabling fast data transmission and offers up to 32 simultaneous recording channels and a dynamic range up to 110 dB.

Two versions are available: 40kHz unit (ideal for acoustics/vibration) & 100kHz unit (intended for ultrasonic wave/frequency characteristics measurement).

There are two types, 40 kHz unit and 100 kHz unit. The former one excels at measurement of acoustics and vibration, the latter is good at ultrasonic wave and frequency characteristic measurement.

Vibration analysis software is available for the DS-3200 series and the modular nature of the system means the DS-3200 series can address a wide range of applications.

  • USB 3.0 interface for fast data transmission
  • 40 kHz and 100 kHz versions
  • Up to 8 channels for 40kHz version, 2 channels for 100 kHz version
  • High performance throughput function of up to 16-channel for 40 kHz model & 4-channel for 100 kHz version
  • Dynamic range of 110 dB and FFT processing up to 16384 points
  • Multi unit connectivity, increasing number of channels to 64
  • Compact and lightweight units
  • Several analysis functions integrated into one software: FFT, tracking, octave analysis
  • Real-time automatic backup of data recording together with real-time analysis
  • Unit connecting function "FRAME LINK": Provides flexible building of multi-channel measurement system only by connecting two units of the DS-3000 via a cable and an interface. (Can be increased up to 64-channel.)
  • Operates with 32-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
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DS-3200 series Sound and Vibration Real-time Analysis System

DS-3000 series Combustion Analysis System

With the ongoing research and development for improving combustion technologies (HCCI, EGR, etc.), new power sources (HEV and PHEV) and new fuels (biodiesel and natural gas) , development of more fuel-efficient and smaller engines are demanded. The DS-3000 series Engine Combustion Analyzer meets such growing expectations with the new, more powerful hardware.

  • Supports multiple types of fuels (liquid fuel, gas fuel)
  • Trend monitor and calculation of maximum cylinder pressure and IMEP in real time
  • Trend display in real-time
  • Supports start / stop combustion testing
  • Enable measurement without an encoder
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DS-3000 series Combustion Analysis System

CF-7200A Portable 2-channel FFT Analyser

The CF-7200A delivers quick and easy measurement and analysis, yet with exceptionally high accuracy. Integrating all on-site needs into its compact body, the CF-7200A is a multifunctional high-performance analyzer.

  • Compact and lightweight with 2-channel FFT analyzer
  • 10.4 type liquid crystal intuitive touch panel operations
  • Offering 90 dB dynamic range (at -30 to +30 dBVrms range). The real-time rate is 40 kHz
  • Using dedicated battery enables continuous cordless operation of up to 4 hours
  • Incorporating the data recording function up to 2-channel and 100 kHz
  • Recorded data can be managed or backup in a PC by means of storing those data in CF card or USB memory
  • Enables to manage in a simple way by using voice memo and hand writing memo
  • Operating isolation input or CCLD & TEDS.
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CF-7200 Portable 2 channel

CF-4700 FFT Comparator

The CF-4700 FFT comparator is a pass/fail judgment machine used on production lines that is highly effective in accurate quality inspection by analyzing sound or vibration from products. As being incorporated our accumulated FFT technology over the years, the CF-4700 enables pass/fail judgment by extracting the amount of fluctuation of signal size focusing on a specific frequency band.

  • Compact and lightweight with 1-channel FFT analyzer
  • 8.4 type touch-panel color LCD
  • Offering 110 dB dynamic range. The real-time analysis is 40 kHz
  • The Assist Function for setting the judgment block area from the difference between frequency characteristics of OK and NG products
  • The Power Source Backup Function prevents loss of measurement data in case of a main power down. (Option)
  • The binary, text and BMP file can be memorizes in the main unit at the same time
  • Memory data or condition memory can be managed or backup in a PC by means of storing those data in USB memory
  • Operating CCLD & TEDS.
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CF-4700 FFT Comparator


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