Our range of noise and vibration measurement systems consists of transducers, data loggers and analysis systems.

We can provide a wide range of systems to meet almost any application or requirement and by combining a selection of sensors, systems and software, we can offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

We would recommend that you contact us to discuss your application or requirements and allow us to offer a tailor made solution.

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Vibration Transducers

A range of compact, lightweight piezoelectric accelerometers for vibration, displacement and velocity.

Available with or without in-built charge amplifiers, the NP series provides a solution for any vibration measurement application.

Due to the high number of options available, we would recommend that you contact us to discuss your application or requirements and allow us to offer a tailor made solution.

  • The seismo-type sensor requires no reference point for measurement
  • Compact and light weight, easy to mount and easy handling.
  • Wide dynamic range, micro acceleration measurement available
  • Mechanical strength, suitable for measurement of large acceleration measurement or impact acceleration
  • High resonance frequency makes the measurable frequency range wider. Wide band frequency can be measured without waveform distortion.
  • 6 kinds of sensors are provided such as ultra compact type (0.6g), general purpose type, and heat-resistant type
  • Charge amplifier is required. Can be used in higher-temperature environment compared to a built-in preamplifier type.

Vibration system where M is mass, k is the spring constant, and C is the viscosity resistance.

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Vibration Transducers

DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder for Sound & Vibration

The DR-7100 is a high accuracy portable data recorder for acoustic and vibration measurements.

Compatible with a wide range of accelerometers, tachometers and acoustic sensors as well as with external analysis software and systems, the DR-7100 can form the heart of a comprehensive data logging system for noise and vibration measurements.

  • Data recording with high speed, high accuracy (4ch 40 kHz range 24 bit1)
  • Dynamic range of 90 dB or more
  • Equipped with a connector for a rotation pulse input
  • Available for SDHC 8 GB
  • Speedy setup by TEDS sensor
  • Compact body of A5-size
  • 2-Unit synchronicity function (option)
1 40 kHz range: option (20 kHz band frequency: standard)
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DR-7100 Data Logger

Data Station DS-3200 series Sound and Vibration Real-time Analysis System

The DS-3000 series Data Station is a PC-based FFT Analyzer with high functions and high performance. This new FFT Analyzer has two times or more of real-time analysis capability compared to the existing model the DS-2000 series, having the high-speed calculation performance, reliability, and user-friendliness based on our accumulated experience.

Supporting USB 3.0 enables fast data transmission by connecting a commercial cable for USB 3.0. Available up to 32 channels of simultaneous recording in audible frequency (20 kHz), with a dynamic range110 dB max. (40 kHz unit only).

There are two types, 40 kHz unit and 100 kHz unit. The former one excels at measurement of acoustics and vibration, the latter is good at ultrasonic wave and frequency characteristic measurement.

In addition to multi-channel simultaneous measurement with a wideband frequency range, various acoustics· vibration analysis software can be used with the DS-3000 series. Wide variety of application of the DS-3000 series makes a great contribution to the problem solution at your measurement site.

  • USB 3.0 interface enables fast data transmission to a PC
  • Available 2 types of input units, 40 kHz range and 100 kHz range
  • Fast real-time rate. Available up to 8-channel for 40 kHz range, 2-channel for 100 kHz
  • High performance of throughput function. Available up to 16-channel for 40 kHz, up to 4-channel for 100 kHz
  • High dynamic range of 110 dB and arithmetic processor of FFT up to 16384 points
  • The number of the channels can be increased from 2-channel to 64-channel. (Connecting two 32-channel units using a frame link cable and make it 64-channel.)
  • B5 size, compact, about 2.2 kg lightweight unit (2-channel/ 4-channel)
  • Integrates several analysis functions into one software which are FFT analyzer, tracking analyzer, octave analyzer to provide communization of procedure
  • "Real-time analysis and recording" system: enables automatic backup data recording and real-time analysis at the same time
  • Unit connecting function "FRAME LINK": Provides flexible building of multi-channel measurement system only by connecting two units of the DS-3000 via a cable and an interface. (Can be increased up to 64-channel.)
  • Operating software are 32-bit version of Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7.
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DS-3200 series Sound and Vibration Real-time Analysis System


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