Temperature & Pressure Instrument Calibration

System calibration certification for your thermometers, probes and manometers can be an important service and is vital in many sectors. Usually this is an annual service but occasionally certification can be required more frequently. The requirement for calibration certification is generally dictated by the quality standards or operating procedures you adhere to - or sometimes even by legislation.

At Eurolec we provide a comprehensive repair and calibration services for your instrumentation.

In addition to our own manufactured range Eurolec can also carry out repairs and calibration to other brands of thermometers and manometers and we will be pleased to discuss with you any service and calibration requirements that you have.

Please get in touch and let us know what equipment you have and how we can help.

Our technicians have many years of experience in the design, manufacture and repair of instrumentation and can provide a prompt, economic repair solution.

Whether it's a Eurolec product or an instrument from another manufacturer, we're here to help.

Temperature Instrument Calibration

Eurolec's temperature calibration certificates are traceable to UKAS.

Copies of the certification relating to our own lab equipment are available on request.

If you regularly use a number of thermometers or probes and they require regular certification, you may find a more convenient, economical and time saving option is to use one of our CS series calibration sources.

When combined with either the RT162 or PC Temp RT2 reference thermometers, you can carry out quick, reliable, in-house accuracy checks for your infrared and/or probe thermometers, as well as for in-line process applications.

For details of our calibration source and reference thermometers, please contact us and we will be pleased to recommend a solution.

Pressure Instrument Calibration

Eurolec can provide a traceable calibration service for pressure measurement instruments.

This service is traceable to UK National Standards held at the NPL.

For details of our range of pressure calibration solutions, please get in touch.

Calibration of other measurement parameters

We can also offer calibration for wide range of other parameters such as % Relative Humidity (%RH) and Airflow.

If you have any test and measurement instrumentation that needs calibrating, please get in touch and we can discuss calibration options.