A range of support services to safeguard your investment

To ensure your investment is protected throughout its lifetime, we offer a range of support services, from annual calibration to servicing and repairs. Our quality instruments are perfectly suited to be used in industries where highly accurate and precise data is essential. It's incredibly important to have a partner on your side to look after the maintenance of your equipment so that you're never left stranded, unable to carry out your important work. 

Technical support and helpful advice

We understand that purchasing such high-quality equipment can be a large investment. As such, we're here to ensure you get the most out of that investment. As well as offering all the technical support you need, we're also on-hand to provide advice and guidance with regard to the operation of your instruments, whenever you need it. We're also here to help you out if you find yourself unsure of which instrument or service you need.


Across all environmental/occupational instrumentation, regulations usually dictate that equipment must be calibrated regularly to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data it measures. We can calibrate instruments from all manufacturers, and our temperature calibration work is traceable to UKAS.

Repairs and servicing

Sometimes, accidents happen. And we're for you and your equipment when they do. We offer a fixed-price repair service for our own instruments, and can offer servicing and repairs for instruments from all other manufacturers.


To future-proof your investment, we offer an industry-leading product warranty, which will protect your Eurolec instruments against any eventuality.