testo Waterproof stainless steel food probe (NTC)

  • NTC temperature sensor

  • Heat-resistant probe cable 

  • Measuring range: -50 to +150 °C

  • EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant, water-protected according to IP 67

The waterproof stainless steel food probe (with the appropriate measuring instrument) enables the measurement of the core temperature of foods.

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The stainless steel food probe (NTC) is above all used for measuring the core temperature of foods. The fact that the probe is EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant, along with it being water-protected (according to IP 67), is particularly practical for use in the food sector. In addition, it is heat-resistant, because the probe cable is made of PTFE


Temperature - NTC
Measuring range
                            -50 to +150 °C ¹⁾
                            ±0.5 % of mv (+100 to +150 °C)
                            ±0.2 °C (-25 to +74.9 °C)
                            ±0.4 °C
Reaction time
                            8 s


1) Long-term measurement range +125°C, short-term +150°C or +140°C (2 minutes)


General technical data
                            1660 mm  
Length probe shaft
                            125 mm
Product-/housing material
                            Stainless steel
Protection class
Fixed cable
Cable length
                            1.5 m
Diameter probe shaft tip
                            3 mm
Diameter probe shaft
                            4 mm
Length probe shaft tip
                            15 mm
Product colour
                            128 g  

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