testo Temperature probe with Velcro and NTC temperature sensor

  • Measuring range from -50 to +70 °C
  • With Velcro, for easy attachment of the temperature probe to pipes up to 75 mm in diameter
  • Temperature probe with NTC temperature sensor

Use the temperature probe with Velcro (NTC) (with the compatible  measuring instrument) to carry out fast, easy measurements of the  surface temperature of pipes.

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For simple temperature measurements: use the temperature probe with Velcro with the compatible measuring instrument (please order separately) to measure the surface temperature of pipes. Temperature probe with Velcro (NTC) – features and areas of application Use the fixed cable including TUC connector to connect the pipe wrap probe (NTC) to the compatible measuring instrument. The temperature probe features a high-quality NTC sensor, which is attached to a 300 mm long strip of Velcro.

The temperature probe is designed for measuring the surface temperature of pipes and offers numerous application options. Thanks to the Velcro, it can be attached quickly and easily to pipes up to 75 mm in diameter. The temperature probe is therefore ideal for carrying out temperature measurements on water pipes or on the flow and return pipes of heating systems.


Temperature - NTC
Measuring range
                            -50 to +70 °C
                            ±0.2 °C (-25 to +70 °C)
                             ±0.4 °C (-50 to -25 °C)
Reaction time
                            60 s


General technical data
                            63 g
                            25 x 290 x 45 mm LxWxH
Product colour

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