testo - Mini Penetration Thermometer (150 °C)

  • Measure air and core temperatures quickly and reliably

  • 133 mm penetration probe for measurements up to +150 °C

  • For various uses – in the laboratory, and heating and ventilation sector, etc.

  • Includes protective tube with attachment clip

Take fast, reliable liquid or air temperature measurements with our mini penetration thermometer. The slender, pointed penetration probe of the mini thermometer is perfect for measuring core temperatures.

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Testo Thermometer

Small but highly reliable penetration thermometer: the mini thermometer from Testo is perfect for measuring liquid temperatures - e.g. in the laboratory - or air temperatures in heating and ventilation technology. It can also be used as a food thermometer. Its penetration probe is excellent for measuring the core temperature of food products during food controls.

Whether food control or laboratory spot check, the mini thermometer offers great accuracy in all measurements and is easy to use. A practical all-rounder, its small size allows you to take this penetration thermometer anywhere with you.

Practical features of the mini penetration thermometer

The exact measured value is easy to read on the digital display of the penetration thermometer, (unlike analogue food thermometers where the pointers always run the risk of reading errors). The display also features a battery status indicator and the option of displaying the temperature in °C or °F. The supplied protective tube for the penetration probe can also be used as a holder to attach the mini thermometer to your pocket using the clip. This conveniently allows you to take the penetration thermometer to any measuring location.


Measuring range
                            -50 to +150 °C
                            ±1 °C (-10 to +99.9 °C)
                            ±2 °C (-30 to -10.1 °C)
                            ±2 % of mv (+100 to +150 °C)
                            0.1 °C (-19.9 to +150 °C)
                            1 °C (Remaining Range)


General technical data
                            147 x 35 x 23 mm (LxWxH)
Operating temperature
                            -10 to +50 °C
Product-/housing material
Product colour
Length probe shaft
                            124 mm
Length probe shaft tip
                            12 mm
Diameter probe shaft
                            3.5 mm
Diameter probe shaft tip
                            1.6 mm
Battery type
                            Button cell LR44
Display type
                            LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Display size
Storage temperature
                            -20 to +70 °C
                            20 g

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