testo Precise air probe (NTC) - with PTB approval

  • Short response time thanks to the exposed sensor
  • with PTB approval                        
  • For measuring air temperature e.g. in walk-in refrigerators, refrigerated counters, deep-freezers
  • NTC temperature sensor

The robust air probe with PTB approval is suitable (with the  corresponding measuring instrument, e.g. testo 112) for measuring air  temperature. The temperature probe is suitable for official inspection  measurements, in so far as you order the initial conformity assessment  when purchasing (see accessories)

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Temperature - NTC
Measuring range
                            -25 to +120 °C
                            ±0.5 % of mv (+100 to +120 °C)
                            ±0.2 °C (-25 to +74.9 °C)
                            ±0.4 °C (Remaining Range)
Reaction time
                            60 s


General technical data
                            106 g  
                            1250 mm  
Length probe shaft
                            115 mm
Product-/housing material
                            ABS / TPE / PUR
Fixed cable
Cable length
                            1.1 m
Diameter probe shaft tip
                            4 mm
Diameter probe shaft
                            5 mm
Length probe shaft tip
                            50 mm
Product colour
                            grey; Black; silver

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