Stable, robust surface probe (TC type K)

  • For measurement on griddles, without having to hold the probe in your hand
  • Stable due to its own weight
  • Sprung measuring element
  • Heat-resistant, corrugated protective hose

With the appropriate measuring instrument, the stable, robust surface probe (TC type K) is ideal for temperature measurements on griddles, as well as heating and baking sheets. It can be used up to a temperature of +230°C.

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Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Measuring range
                            -50 to +230 °C
                            Class 2 ²⁾
Reaction time
                            45 s


1) According to standard EN 60584-2, the  accuracy of Class 1 refers to -40 to +1000 °C (Type K), Class 2 to -40  to +1200 °C (Type K), Class 3 to -200 to +40 °C (Type K).


General technical data
                            944 g  
                            1370 mm  
Length probe shaft
                            120 mm
Product-/housing material
                            Stainless steel
Fixed cable
Diameter probe shaft
                            60 mm
Product colour
                            Black; silver

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