Rotary Encoders

We can supply a range of rotary encoders and linear displacement measurement sensors from the Ono Sokki range.

Covering a wide range of applications and specifications, we would recommend that you contact us to discuss your application or requirements.

Rotary encoders can be used for many kinds of applications in various fields such as position, angle or velocity measurement of mechanical instrument, control of rotational quantity or rotational speed in motors.

We provide a variety of rotary encoders ranging from general purpose industrial types to heat resistant types for specialised usage and space-saving compact types for applications where space is limited.

  •  A range of high performance rotary encoders
  •  RP-1710 Series Bottom-mount Type
  •  RP-1730 Series Flange-mount Type
  •  RP-120 Series Dual-Shaft Type
  •  RP-1130D Series Compact Bottom-mount Type

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