Rotary Encoder

The Ono Sokki RP1710 is a general-purpose industrial rotary encoder, suited to a wide variety of applications. Due to the specific technical nature of this instrument, we advise that you get in touch with us in order to make a purchase.

Ideal for:

  • Measuring length
  • Measuring line speed
  • Measuring rolling rate and rolling reduction

RP- 1710 Model Selection

Rotary encoders, such as the Ono Sokki RP1710, can be used for many kinds of applications in various fields such as position, angle and velocity measurement of mechanical instruments, and the control of rotational quantity and rotational speed in motors. 

Ono Sokki is one of the world's leading manufacturers of this type of instrument and Eurolec are the UK and Ireland's sole distributor of their products.

Key features:

  • Excellent resistance to shock and shaft loading
  • High resolution and a wide range of output pulse types to choose from
  • Line driver output can be selected to enable long-distance transmission
  • AC and DC power supply available
  • Selectable connection for either terminal strip or connector
  • IP65 (applicable by affixing an oil seal to the rotating shaft and selecting 'terminal board' as an option)
  • CE mark

Further Information


Maximum rotation speed 5,000 r/min
Maximum allowable shaft load Radial: 80 N
Thrust: 50 N
Shaft diameter φ15 mm *1
Starting torque 15 mN・m *2
Moment of inertia 161 g・cm2
Operation temperature range AC type: -5 to +55°C
DC type: -5 to +55°C
Humidity 95 %RH *3
Protection class IP65 *4
Vibration resistance 98 m/s2 *5
Shock resistance 980 m/s2 *6
Weight 3.3 kg

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