Panel-Mounted / Bench Digital Torque Meter

The Ono Sokki TS-2800 is a torque meter for use with phase difference type torque detectors. It can be used with Ono Sokki's long-selling torque detectors SS/DD series and high accuracy, high response type TH series. 

As well as displaying measurement values the TS-2800 can output analog voltage, rotation pulse*, BCD*, and RS-232C in a compact and space-saving design.

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· Can be connected all of phase difference type torque detectors by Ono Sokki.

· Analog output response (time constant) can be selected depending on your application.

· 4th order Butterworth low-pass filter can be selected for analyzing frequency of torque ripple. (TH mode, option)

· F.S. voltage of torque output can be selected according to the input range of a recorder or other devices to be connected.

· Output of rotation pulse signal required for rotation tracking analysis of torque ripple

· Easy to read, easy to operate with LCD.

Overview specification

Applicable detector Torque detector Phase difference type torque detector (TH,MD,SS, DD, EZ, DSTP, DP)
Rotation detector Electromagnetic rotation detector (MP-981/9820), optical rotation detector (MD-0100series), SIG2 output signal of torque detector (excluding TH type)
Display Display contents Measurement value: torque, rotation speed
Condition display: sensor mode, measurement ready, torque signal input, rotation signal input, measurement mode, rotation direction
Update time Measurement value: 1s/10s/external
Condition display: 0.5s
Torque measurement Displayed digit number (with polarity) TH type: 4/5-digit (selectable), other than TH type: 4-digit
Measurement unit mN· m, N· m, kN· m
Measurement accuracy Depends on the torque detector connected
Compensation range
of torque factor
0.8000 to 1.2000
N-0*1 compensation 5 points for each direction of CW/CCW
Other functions Zero setting, analog output calibration
Analog output Voltage (Signal commons of torque output and rotation speed output are isolated from main circuit of TS-2800. However, both commons are connected each other.)
Range 0 to ±10V / F.S.
F.S. setting Selectable from 100%, 66.7%, 50%, 33.3%, 25%, 20% (percentage to the torque capacity)
Response TH type: 500ms, 63ms, 16ms, 1.6ms (standard) 0.8ms, 0.4ms, 0.16ms (*2 added optionally)Other than TH type: 500ms and 63ms (standard) 63ms and 16ms (*3 selectable either of pair optionally)
Low pass filter Available only TH type: 50Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz (*2 added optionally)
Output accuracy ±0.1 %/F.S. or ±0.2 %/F.S.(depending on the accuracy of detector)
Rotation speed measurement section Number of display digit 5 digits (0 to 99,999 r/min)
Measurement accuracy ±0.02%/F.S ±1 count (10 Hz or more, average every second)
F.S range 200 to 100,000 r/min (Can be set every 1 r/min)
Pulsation range of rotation detector 1 to 9999 P/R (Can be set every 1 P/R)
Analog output Voltage (Signal commons of torque output and rotation speed output are isolated from main circuit of TS-2800. However, both commons are connected each other.)
Output range 0 to 10 V / F.S.
Response TH type:0.16 ms, other than TH type:63 ms
Output accuracy ±0.1 %/F.S. or ±0.2 %/F.S. (when SIG2 is used as rotation signal)
Rotation pulse output *4 Output the pulse signal from rotation sensor terminal
Output level Lo: +0.5 V or less, Hi: +5±0.5 V
External interface Remote control Input item CW/CCW changeover, display/output clear, display/BCD trigger
Output item Trigger output (synchronous updating), measurement ready
Input format Non-voltage contact, or logic input( Lo:0 to 1.4 V, Hi:3 to 5.25 V)
Output format Non-voltage contact output(PhotoMOS relay output)
Applicable connector FK-MC0,5/8-ST-2,5 (Made by Phoenix Contact) provided as standard
RS-232C Readout of measurement value, setting zero value, setting N-0 value, and setting/readout of other functions
Baud rate 9600 bps (fixed)
Applicable cable AX-5022 (2m)
General specification Power supply voltage AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 °C
Weight Approx. 2 kg
*1: N-0:rotation dependence at torque zero. It occurs due to detector characteristics, torque loss between torque detector and measurement object etc.
*2 to *4: Available when the option for each function is installed.
TH type: Phase difference method using electromagnetic induction theory

Optional function

TS-0281 High-speed response output function for TH series*2 Refer to (*2) above for the specification.
TS-0282 Time constant change function for DD series*3 Refer to (*3) above for the specification.
TS-0283 BCD output function Output data Torque(with polarity, without decimal point, 5-digit), rotation speed (5-digit), print command
Input data Hold, busy
Output method Positive logic open collector
Input method Non-voltage contact input, or logic input (Lo:1.4 V or less, Hi:3 to 5.25 V)
DX40-50P, or DX30-50P (Made by HIROSE ELECTRIC. CO.LTD)
TS-0284 Rotation pulse output function*4 Refer to (*4) above for the specification.

*2 to *4: Available when the option for each function is installed.

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