Ono Sokki VP-201/202/1210/1200 Engine Vibration Detector

The IP-201/202 and IP-1210/1220 are electro-dynamic vibration detectors designed for gasoline and diesel engine measurement. By mounting them on the cylinder head or an engine etc, they detect rotation vibration at the time of combustion. It is easy to use due to a small, light weight, and magnetic mounting by means of a built-in magnet on the bottom surface. The detector and the cable are reliable with heat-resistant structure so you can use it in an engine room.

These detectors are used in combination with Ono Sokki’s engine tachometers (AR-7240B, CT-6520B, SE-1620, SE-2500A, FT-2500, FT-7200). The VP-201/1210 are mini-plug output type, and VP-202/1220 are BNC output type with high sensitivity useful for small vibration measurement.

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  • Easy mounting to a cylinder head bolt by a magnet built-in a detector.
  • Highly environmental resistance, rigidity, and durability
  • Easy to use

Further Information

Overview specification

Applicable engine 4-cycle gasoline/diesel engines
Detection method Electro-dynamic vibration detection
Mounting position Cylinder head bolt or engine fixing bolt
Output signal Pulse signal
Applicable tachometer

FT-2500 Advanced Tachometer
VP-201/VP-1210 VP-202/VP-1220
SE-2500A Gasoline Engine Tachometer
CT-6700 Digital Engine Tachometer
FT-7200 Advanced Handheld Tachometer
Operating temperature range 0 to +100 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to +120 °C
Outer dimensions Φ25 × 50 mm
Weight Approx. 110 g (including cable)
Signal cable VP-201/VP-1210: chloroprene cord 2.9 m (directly attached cable) — (mini plug)
VP-202/VP-1220: chloroprene cord 2.9 m (directly attached cable) — (BNC plug)

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