Ono Sokki LV-7000 Series Accessories

Individual components and accessories for the LV-7000 series

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Model name Product name Rated value
LV-7002 Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Sensor WD=200
LV-7100 Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Meter Controller -
LV-0703 Sensor cable 3 m
LV-0705 Sensor cable 5 m
LV-0730 High-velocity module for sensor Supports detection velocity range 0 to ±3,600 m/min
LV-0731 High-velocity module for controller Supports detection velocity range 0 to ±3,600 m/min
LV-0752 90–degree beam bending mirror  
LV-0762 Sensor suspension adapter  
LV-0772 Controller connection kit 2 sets for LV-7100
LV-0791A Storage trunk For 1 set

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