Ono Sokki LC-8310 GPS Speedometer (Compact Size)

The Ono Sokki LC-8310 is a compact and highly sensitive GPS speedometer that can measure speed, distance and other vehicle-related measurements, using GPS/GLONASS satellite signals and IMU.

Wireless communication makes on site measurement easy.

Can be used on motorcycles and construction equipment as it is a compact and lightweight unit.

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  • Wireless data communication between vehicle and base station
  • Velocity value data of vehicle measured by the LC-8310 is transmitted to PC via LC-0873 (communication unit: option). The LC-0873 connected to the base station PC can communicate with up to 63 devices.*

  • High precision measurement with satellite signals(GPS&GLONASS)and IMU
  • High precision measurement is enabled with Ono Sokki’s original technology. Depending on the situation, the proportion of each signal (GPS, GLONASS, and IMU) used is changed.
    Measurement performance: velocity accuracy of ±0.2 km/h, distance accuracy of ±0.2 %(300 m/h)

  • Various functions for vehicle tests
  • Analog output of velocity, pulse output of distance, 4ch analog input, 1ch pulse input, CAN communication, and various vehicle test functions.

  • Software customization using LC-0835
  • We can provide PC software using LC-0835(wireless communication software)customized to meet requirements, including vehicle external noise test and WLTP test.

  • Various functions easy to operate
  • USB memory provided as standard: Data can be transmitted and saved from the main unit too.
    Touch panel type LCD: easy to use and highly visible.


Measurement accuracy Horizontal speed Measurement range/ accuracy 0.1 to 500.0 km/h/±0.2 km/h or less (Horizontal speed 30 km/h or more, when 7 or more of satellite acquisition)
Horizontal distance Accuracy ±0.2 % (forward distance 300 m, horizontal speed 30 km/h or more, when 7 or more of satellite acquisition)
Standard measurement item
Horizontal speed (km/h),
horizontal distance (m),
time (s),
UTC time,
number of satellite capture,
HDOP(Horizontal Dilution of Precision),
heading (°),
North speed (km/h),
East speed (km/h),
North distance (m),
East distance (m),
travelling distance (m),
latitude (dms),
longitude (dms),
altitude (m )

Optional measurement item
Lateral distance (m),
vertical speed (km/h),
vertical distance (m),
VDOP(Vertical Dilution of Precision) ,
lateral sideslip amount (m),

roll angle (°),
pitch angle (°),
yaw angle (°), X acceleration (m/s2),
Y acceleration (m/s2),
Z acceleration (m/s2),
X angular speed (°/s),
Y angular speed (°/s),
Z angular speed (°/s),
gradient (%)

Update (output)frequency 100 Hz
General specification Hardware Power requirement DC 9 to 28 V (non-isolation), AC 100 to 240 V (AC adapter used : option)/ 12 VA max (DC power input, when connected peripheral devices)
Operating/storage temperature 0 to 50 °C / -10 to 60 °C (humidity 20 to 80 %RH, with no condensation)
Outer dimensions /mass Approx. 170 × 120 × 40 mm (not including protruded section) approx. 0.75 kg
Display unit Outer dimensions /mass Approx. 150 × 100 × 100 mm (not including protruded section) approx. 0.5 kg
Remote Outer dimensions /mass Approx. 120 x 50 x 20 mm (not including protruded section) approx. 0.08 kg
Antenna Outer dimensions /mass Approx. 66×50×22 mm (antenna section) approx. 0.1 kg
Protection class IP67
Output Speed analog output Range 0 to 10 V
SI Units : 0 to 10 V/0 to 500.0 km/h
mile units : 0 to 10 V/0 to 250.0 mile/h
Load resistance 10 kΩ or more SI Units : 10
Distance pulse output Resolution SI Units : 10, 5, 1 mm/pulse
mile Units : Selectable from 16.0934, 8.0467, 1.6093 mm/pulse
Output delay time 10 ms or less
Output signal Square wave pulse output Hi 5 V ± 0.5 V Lo 0.5 V or less
Duty 50 % ± 10 %
Load resistance Load 10 kΩ or more
Remarks Selectable from voltage or pulse, output from HORIZONTAL SPEED connector on the side
Input Voltage input Number of channels 4
Resolution 16
Range ±20 V
Cutoff frequency 50 Hz
Others The function to set measurement start· stop trigger by voltage value
CH1 : measurement start trigger
CH2 : measurement stop trigger
Pulse input Number of channels 1
Input coupling AC or DC
Function Pulse count/frequency/duty
Input waveform AC selected : sine wave
DC selected : square wave
Remarks Input by connecting an option cable to the AUX connector on the side to input
CAN Common specification Baud rate 125 k, 250 k, 500 k, 1000 k bps
Protocol Conforms to CAN Ver2.0B
Input Input port 2 (port A, port B)
Number of data acquisition 32ch/1 port (64ch max.)
Others CAN input should be selected at port B side.
OBDⅡ data acquisition function Data aquisition using CAN input port
(port A : 31 ch / 32 ch)
1. When OBD II data acquisition function is enabled, the maximum number of acquired data of CAN input port A is 30 ch.

 2. Conforms to SAE J1979. However, data can not be acquired when the communication  protocol is different, depending on the model (vehicle model) or engine model.
Output*1 Output update interval Selectable from OFF/1 Hz/2 Hz/5 Hz/10 Hz/20 Hz/100 Hz
Output item (standard) Horizontal speed (km/h), speed unit, horizontal distance, (m), UTC time, number of satellite acquisition, trigger of start· stop· reset, GATE status, internal condition, accuracy condition, HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision), Heading (°), latitude (dms) , longitude (dms), altitude (m)
Output item (option) Vertical velocity (km/h), vertical distance, (m), VDOP (Vertical Dilution of Precision), drift amount (m), roll angle,  (°), pitch angle (°), yaw angle (°),
X acceleration (m/s2), Y acceleration (m/s2), Z acceleration (m/s2), X angular speed (°/s), Y angular speed (°/s), Z angular speed (°/s), gradient (%)
Others CAN input function at B port side is not available when the output function is ON.
Remarks Input by AUX connector on the side with optional cable
Other function Buzzer, external trigger input, DC12 V output for general-purpose sensor, condition memory, print by optional printer, storage function
Test function Basic test function of hardware Normal measurement, Interval measurement test
Optional test function of hardware Starting acceleration test, passing acceleration test, brake test (MFDD), brake test (ABS), fade recovery test, coasting test
Basic function of the PC application*2 Basic function (setting of hardware, display of PC measurement result, and so on.)
Optional function of the PC application*2 Acceleration/deceleration test software, Fuel consumption test software, Track display software
Product name Amount
Touch panel display unit (3.0 m cable attached) 1
Remote box (2.0 m cable attached) 1
GPS/GLONASS antenna 1
Power cable for cigarette light socket (3.0 m) 1
Pin jack ⇔ BNC cable (2.0 m) 2
USB cable for PC connection (1.5 m) 1
CAN branch cable (0.35 m) 1
USB memory 1
Installation CD 1
Instruction manual 1
Carrying case 1
Mount adapter for display unit 1
Base plate for mount adapter 1



Product name Model name
Power cable (for battery) LC-0082
km/mile selection function LC-0824
IMU data output function (attached to compact IMU【LC-0087】) LC-0825
Vertical direction measurement function LC-0826
Hardware acceleration test function LC-0827
Hardware brake test function LC-0828
Hardware coasting test function LC-0829
CAN output function LC-0854
CAN terminal register adapter LC-0861
CAN branch cable (2m) LC-0862
CAN-OBD2 cable LC-0863
Tape switch LC-0864
Compact thermal printer DPU-414
AC adapter for printer PW-C0725-W2-U
Thermal paper for printer TP-0411
AC adapter for main unit PS-P20023B
AC adapter cable VM1391-VM1700
(For Japan use)

Product name Model name
Acceleration/deceleration test LC-0831
Fuel Consumption test LC-0832
Orbit display LC-0833
Wireless communication LC-0835
Wireless communication unit LC-0873
Antenna for LC-0873 LC-0874


*1 : Option

*2 : Refer to the following PC operating environment.

LC-0873 Wireless communication unit(option)

General specification Power requirement AC adapter(option) : AC100 to 240 V
USB bus power
Absolute maximum input voltage: DC 6.5 V
Operating input voltage range : DC 4.75 to 5.25 V
Maximum: 2.5 W
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C (humidity 20 to 80 %RH, with no condensation)
Storage temperature -10 to +60 °C (humidity 20 to 80 %RH, with no condensation)
Outer dimensions Approx. 110×66×30 mm (not including protrusions)
Mass Approx. 255 g
Environmental condition JIS C 60068-2-64
Applicable regulations EU CE marking
⋅RE Directive
EN300 328 V2.1.1
EN301 489-1 V2.1.1
EN301 489-17 V3.1.1
⋅RoHS Directive
USB USB2.0 (High Speed)
⋅USB3.0 non-compliant
USB connection cable : USB (type-B) male
Communication device class
RS-232C Effective in slave mode (for custom order)
Baud rate : 9600, 19200, 115200
Parity : no, even, odd
Stop bit : selectable from 1 bit or 2 bits
Connector : D-SUB 9 pins male
Wireless communication function Communication distance Approx. 100 m
(However, it must be stationary without obstacles or radio noise.)
Applicable standard Conforms to IEEE802.15.4
Frequency band 2.4 GHz
Number of channels Selectable from 11ch to 25 ch
Certification Adopted Japan Radio Law Certification (technical standards compliance) acquired module
Accessory USB cable (2.0m) x 1
Installation CD (Device driver, Instruction manual) x 1
Option LC-0874:Optional antenna for LC-0873 (Separately, used when adding one signal line.)
AC adapter for wireless communication unit : AC 100 to 240 V
Extension cable for wireless antenna 1 m : SMA cable (extend distance between wireless module and antenna)
Extension cable for wireless antenna 3m : SMA cable (extend distance between wireless module and antenna)

Notes :
⋅ This instrument complies with the domestic radio wave law in Japan.
⋅The regulations for wireless communications vary by country. For more details, please contact your nearest distributor.
⋅When using, be sure to use a specific antenna etc.

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