Ono Sokki IP-3000A Ignition Pulse Detector

IP-3000A  Ignition pulse detector is a slim and light weighted  detector by using  amorphous metals fiber element. It is 1/4 in  thickness (mass: approx. 1/50) and  1/3 in weight compared with the  previous model of Ono Sokki. Also the IP-3000A  can obtain constant  output from low to high rotation with high sensitivity.

Meeting  the needs of structure or mechanism in recent  gasoline engines, the IP-3000A  can easily clamp around an ignition coil  cable (the primary side cord of  ignition coil or the current cord of  electronic distributor). Moreover,  heat-resistant design up to maximum operating temperature of +120 C° enables measurement under harsh  environment.
The  IP-3000A Ignition pulse detector can be used with Ono Sokki’s engine  tachometer.           

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  • Satisfying slim, light weight and high sensitivity by amorphous metals fiber element
  • Meeting the needs of structure or mechanism in recent gasoline engines, the IP-3000A can easily clamp around an ignition coil cable.
  • One-touch clamping and easy to handle.
  • Heat-resistant design (+120 C°) with high reliability

Further Information

Outline Specifications

Applicable engine Gasoline engine 2-cycle, 4-cycle
Detecting object At the primary cord of ignition coil of gasoline engine or the current cord of electronic distributor
Max. diameter of applicable primary cord Ø 5 mm max.
Output signal Pulse signal
Signal cable Heat-resistant signal cable: approx. 4.9 m (attached cable) with output connector (BNC)
Operating temperature range -40 to +120 C°
Storage temperature range -50 to +120 C°
Outer dimensions 8.0 (W) × 9.5 (H) × 30.0 (D) mm
Weight 80 g (including cable)


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