Ono Sokki HT-6200 External Sensor Handheld Digital Tachometer

HT-6200 is a handheld tachometer with a built-in batteries designed for measurement of gasoline/diesel engines, EV/HEV motors, and general rotating objects. Combined with optional detectors (VP-1220, IP-292/296, IP-3000A, IP-3100, OM-1200, MP series and TTL signal output detector etc.), various rotation measurement are possible depending on the measurement objects or purpose.

Memory function is provided which is useful for later checking. Up to 20 measurement data can be stored internally. Various measurements such as rotation (r/min, r/s), accumulated rotation (counter), cycle (ms), line speed (m/min) are available. Both analog and pulse output are provided as standard. (Monitor output or analog output can be selected by changeover switch.) Analog output signal can be used for the recording of signal from data recorder and so on. Monitor output signal can be used for checking the waveform of the detected signal or for the input signal to FFT analyzer. Pulse output signal can be used as external clock signal for tracking analysis by FFT analyzer.

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  • Rotation measurement of EV, HEV motors
  • Rotation measurement of gasoline&diesel engines
 Applicable detector: Choose the detector depending on your application.
Engine IP-292/296 Ignition pulse detector
IP-3000A/3100 Ignition pulse detector
OM-1200 Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector
VP-1220 Engine vibration detector
Motor OM-1200 Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector
General rotating object MP series electromagnetic rotation detector

  • Up to 20 data can be stored. (Built-in memory function)
  • The maximum and minimum values can be displayed during measurement. (Peak-hold function)
  • Three outputs are provided as standard. (Analog, monitor and pulse)


 ■ Analog output Outputs to the display value of rotation speed. (for recording of rotation speed)
 ■ Monitor output Outputs sensor signal after wave-form shaping (for checking waveform of detected signal )
 ■ Pulse output Outputs one pulse for each signal detection (for rotation synchronous signal)


  • Large LED with backlight useful for checking the displayed value in dark place

Further Information


Measurement object Gasoline engines Diesel engines  Motors(EV/HEV) General rotating objects
Applicable sensor ・Ignition pulse detector
・Engine vibration detector VP-1220
・Engine vibration detector VP-1220 ・Ignition pulse detector (electromagnetic type) OM-1200 ・Rotation detector (electromagnetic type) MP-900/9000series*MP-981/9820 (magneto-electric type detector) are not applicable.
Object of measurement  ・Ignition coil, primary/secondary ignition cables
・ECU rotation pulses (5-V)
・Cylinder head of an engine etc. (when the VP-1220 used.)
・Cylinder head of an engine etc. (when the VP-1220 used.) ・Motor ・Rotation detection gear

*In the motor rotation measurement using the OM-1200, the measurement range may change according to the detector position or motor type.

  Gasoline, diesel engine rotation measurement Rotation measurement other than an engine
Measurement unit r/min (rotation speed) r/min, r/s (rotation speed), m/min (line speed), ms ( cycle ), COUNT (accumulated count)
Input frequency range 1 to 1666.67 Hz 3.33 to 1666.6 Hz
Maximum measurement value 20,000 r/min
(The maximum rotation speed is 20000 r/min regardless of the number of pulses per rotation.
99999 r/min (P/R), 999.99 r/s(P/R=1), 9999.9 m/min (diameter= 100 mm), 300 (ms), 99999 (COUNT) The maximum value changes with the number of pulses per rotation.

Monitor output
Analog output
Output section
Object to be measured Engines, motors and general rotating objects
Display 5-digit LCD with backlight (character height: 10.2mm)
Calculation method Periodic operation method
Measurement time 1s + input signal one-period time or less
Measurement accuracy Displayed value* x (±0.02%) ±1 count
* The displayed value is the count value excluding figures after the decimal point.
The measurement accuracy of the line speed depends on the accuracy of rotation speed (r/min) .
Setup range of the number of pulses (P/R) 0.50 to 200.00(engine rotation measurement)
0.50 to 999.99(other than engine rotation measurement)
(can be set in 0.01)
Measurement function  
  Peak hold function Maximum value (MAX), minimum value (MIN)
Memory function 20 data (MAX)
Over-range function The over-range (ERROR mark) is displayed when the measured value exceeds the display range.
Upper limit rotation warning function The upper limit warning ( ↑ mark) is displayed when the number of rotations exceeds the preset upper limit value.
Line speed calculation function Calculates the line speed from the preset diameter value (mm) and the measured number of rotations
Accumulating function Cont accumulated pulses of input signal
Cycle measurement function Measures the input pulse cycle
(however, when the cycle is less than 1 s, measures the mean value of the input pulses)
Trigger level adjustment function Trigger level can be adjusted using a rotary dial at the right-hand side of the device.
  Connector φ2.5 mini-mini jack
  Output content Output to the display value of rotation speed
Output voltage 0 to 1 V/0 to F.S.
Conversion method 10-bit D/A conversion method
Linearity ±1 % / F.S.
Output refresh time 50 ms + Input signal one-period time or less
Temperature stability ±0.05 % of F.S./℃(ZERO & SPAN)
Setting error ±0.5 % of F.S.
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
  Output content Detected signal of a sensor
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Output voltage Hi level: +4.5 V or more
Lo level: +0.5 V or less
Output logic Positive logic pulse
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Operating temperature range 0 to +40℃
Storage temperature range -10 to +50℃
Power supply Type AAA battery (x 4) or exclusive AC adapter (PB-7090)
Continuous operating time 16 hours or more (backlight OFF), 8 hours or more (backlight ON)
Battery LOW display Lights up at about 4.5 V
Outer dimensions 189.5 x 47.5 x 66 mm
Weight Approx. 280 g
Accessories Type AAA battery x 4, carrying case x 1, instruction manual x 1
  • IP-292/296 Ignition pulse detector
  • IP-3000A Ignition pulse detector
  • IP-3100 Ignition pulse detector
  • VP-1220 Engine vibration detector
  • OM-1200 Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector
  • OM-0102 Mounting fixture for OM-1200
    (with pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet x 3)
  • MP-900/9000 Electromagnetic rotation detector

*The MP-980/9820 Magneto-electric rotation detector cannot be used.

  • MX series Signal cable for electromagnetic rotation detector MX-005 (5 m) / MX-010 (10 m)
  • LA-0203D Tripod
  • HT-0521A Stand jig (use with the HT-0522 magnet stand)
  • HT-0522 Magnet stand (use with the HT-0521A)
  • PB-7090 AC adapter
  • AX-501 Output cable with BNC connector

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