Ono Sokki GE-2500 Diesel Engine Tachometer

The GE-2500 diesel engine tachometer uses rotation speed of an alternator to measure engine rotation speed. With FFT calculation, this tachometer achieves reliable and stable measurement for both diesel and gasoline engines.

The OM-1500 is a compact type detector designed for measuring rotation speed of an alternator. It detects magnetic flux leakage from an alternator. It is used to combine with the GE-2500. (The OM-1200 can also be used with the GE-2500.)

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  • Rotation of both gasoline and diesel engines can be measured.

          By using rotation speed of an alternator, the rotation speed of the engine can be measured regardless of engine types and number of cylinders.

  • Auto calibration function is provided. The rotation speed ratio of the alternator and engine is calibrated automatically.

          The rotation speed ratio between the alternator and engine is required to calculate the engine rotation speed. Calibration must be executed before measurement to find the rotation speed ratio.

  • Easy setup.
    The sensor can be set any place of an alternator.

          Possible to measure while driving

  • Enables small signal detection by FFT calculation

          High noise tolerance and stable measurement

Further Information


Measurement section
Measurement object
Diesel engine, gasoline engine with an alternator
Calculation method
FFT calculation
Input frequency range
1 kHz, 2 kHz, 5 kHz (Measurement mode: MAIN) / 500 Hz(Calibration mode: REF)
Measurement accuracy
±2 × rotation speed resolution (r/min)± 1 count
Rotation speed resolution
Frequency range(Hz) ÷ 12800 × 60 ÷ rotation ratio
Display section
Fluorescent display tube
Display update cycle
Selectable from 0.2, 0.5, 1 or 2 (second)
Display resolution
1 r/min, 1 Hz
Measurement display range
20,000 r/min
Input section
Input section
2-ch MAIN(for measurement) REF(for calibration)
Input voltage range
±5 V, ±0.5 V, ±0.05 V
Input connector
Input coupling
AC coupling
Constant drive power supply
2.2 to 3.2 mA(REF only)
Analog output section
【 REVO 】
Output information
Outputs for rotation speed display values.
Voltage range
0 to F.S. / 0 to 10 V(Value of F.S can be specified. )
Conversion method
12 bit D/A conversion method
±0.3 % / F.S.
Output update cycle
200 ms or less
Load resistance
100 kΩ or more
Output connector
【 SIG 】
Output information
Output of sensor signal connected to MAIN (can be used by switching from analog output)
Load resistance
100 kΩ or more
Output connector
Pulse output section
Output information
Outputs frequency of display rotation speed.
[when at 6,000 r/min, 100 Hz Duty1:1]
Output voltage
Lo:0.5 V or less, Hi:4.5 V or more(at no load)
Output update cycle
200 ms or less
Load resistance
100 kΩ or more
Output connector
General specification
Power supply
DC 12 to 24 V
Power consumption
8 VA or less
Operating temperature range
0 to +40 °C
Operating humidity range
+20 to +80 % RH (with no condensation)
Storage temperature range
-10 to +55 °C
Storage humidity range
+20 to +80 % RH (with no condensation)
Outer dimensions
Approx. 144(D)× 72(H)× 180(D)mm
(not including protruded section)
2 kg or less
CE marking, RoHs
Instruction manual x 3 kinds, rubber support pad x 4, GE-0102 power cable for cigarette lighter plug (1.5 m) x 1
GE-0102 power cable for cigarette lighter plug (1.5 m)
(The GE-0102 is supplied as standard accessory of the GE-2500.)

It may not be measured depending on the engine and motor type. For more details, please contact your nearest distributor or send us an e-mail: overseas@ONO SOKKI.co.jp)
To use the GE-2500, the alternator and engine must be running in synch with each other. The measurement error may become large when the special kind of alternator is used or the belt between the alternator and engine is loose.
It can not be measured or a measurement error may become large depending on the structure of an alternator.

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