Ono Sokki GE-1400 Diesel Engine Tachometer

Handheld type digital engine tachometer to be designed for dedicated r/min measurement of 4-cycle diesel engines. R/min direct reading measurement is available only by clamping a CP-044 detector (sold separately) to a fuel injection pipe.

Both analog (switchable between analog and monitor output) and pulse outputs are provided; enabling to use analog output for data recording (monitor output for sensor waveform checking or analysis input signal of FFT analyzer), and to use pulse output for tracking analysis signal of FFT analyzer.

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  • Built-in memory function

          20 data (MAX) can be saved to memory.

  • Three outputs (analog, monitor and pulse) provided as standard

          Use the analog output function to record the number of rotations, the monitor output function to check the sensor’s detection waveform, and the pulse output function to output rotation synchronization signals.

  • Large LCD with backlight

         (Character height: 10.2 mm)

  • Trigger adjustment function provided

  • Can be mounted on a tripod

The tachometer can be fixed to a tripod for continuous measurement.

Specifications Summary

GE-1400 Diesel Engine Tachometer

Applicable engines Four-cycle diesel engines
Detection method Detection of the pulsation generated by the injection pipe at the time of fuel injection
Compatible detector CP-044 (option)
Calculation method Cycle calculation method
Measurement time Within 1 s + the time required for one cycle
Display 5-digit LCD, with backlight (character height: 10.2 mm)
Display update time 1 ± 0.2s
Measurement units r/min, r/s
Measurement range 400 to 8000 r/min (r/s is the range when the r/min measurement value is divided by 60)
Measurement accuracy Displayed value* x (±0.02%) ±1 count
* The displayed value is the count value excluding figures after the decimal point.
Memory function 20 data (MAX)
Over-range function The over-range alarm (ERROR mark) is displayed when the measured value exceeds the display range.
Rotation upper limit alarm function The upper limit alarm ( / mark) is displayed when the number of rotations exceeds the preset upper limit value.
Trigger level adjustment function A rotary dial at the right-hand side of the device is used to adjust the trigger level.
Analog output Output with respect to the displayed rotation values
Output voltage : 0 to 1 V/0 to FS (FS is freely selectable)
Conversion method : 10-bit D/A conversion
Linearity : ±1%/FS
Output update time : Within 50 ms + the time required for 1 cycle
Temperature stability : ±0.05%/FS/°C (span & zero)
Setting error : ±0.5%/FS
Load resistance : At least 100 kΩ
Monitor output Analog output for monitoring purposes after waveform reshaping of the sensor signalLoad resistance : At least 100 kΩ
Pulse output Output voltage : Hi level: At least +4.5 V,  Lo level: Up to +0.5 V
Output logic : Positive logic
Load resistance : At least 100 kΩ
Operating temperature range 0 to 40°C
Storage temperature range -10 to 50°C
Power source Four AAA alkaline batteries or exclusive AC adapter (PB-7090, Option)
Battery life At least 16 hours (when the backlight is OFF)
At least 8 hours (when the backlight is ON)
Low battery alarm indicator A low battery alarm (LOW mark) is displayed when the battery voltage falls below 4.4 V.
Outer dimensions 186.5 (W)  x  47.5 (H)  x  66 (D)  mm
Weight (including batteries) Approx. 280 g
Accessories Signal cable (AX-501) ,  AAA alkaline batteries x 4,  Carrying case
Optional Accessories ・PB-7090 AC adaptor
・AX-501 Output Cable (2m, for analog or pulse output)
・CP-044 Detector

Note: Please refer to the User’s Manual for the operating procedures.

CP-044 Detector

Applicable engines Diesel engines
 Detection method A piezoelectric element is used to detect pulsation at the time of fuel injection
 Applicable pipe diameter ø 4 to 8 mm
 Piezoelectric element withstand compressive pressure 1,960 bar
Measurement range
400 to 6000 r/min
Output signal 
Pulse signal
Signal cable Heatproof type signal cable, 4.9m length, (directly connected) - (R03PB6M)
Operating temperature range
0 to +80°C
Outer dimensions φ 32 × 72 mm
Approx. 120 g


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