Ono Sokki FT-7200 Advanced Handheld Digital Tachometer

The FT-7200 Advanced Tachometer is an easy-to-use handheld digital tachometer offering high functionality and performance. With five measurement modes to choose from, this tachometer is able to calculate and display the rotation speed of any complex waveform signal from a sound level meter or accelerometer accurately, by extracting the exact frequency component.

Ideal for:

  • Measuring the rotation speed of moving parts by sound and/or vibration
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The use of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology enables the FT-7200 to perform frequency analysis of rotation speed by using the change of signal in sound and vibration, or magnetic flux from rotating machines. 

The FT-7200 enables the measurement of rotation speed by sound or vibration, meaning that the instrument doesn't have to be in contact with the subject you are measuring. This is particularly helpful in cases where the subject is inaccessible, such as in the case of a built-in motor. This tachometer is battery-operated, ergonomically designed for maximum ease-of-use, and can be used with various optional detectors from Ono Sokki, including microphone and sound level meter, accelerometer and engine vibration detector, ignition pulse detector and so on.

Ono Sokki is one of the world's leading manufacturers of this type of instrument and Eurolec are the UK and Ireland's sole distributor of their products.

Key features:

  • Compact and handheld type tachometer with FFT calculation technology
  • 5 kinds of algorithms in 2 measurement modes can be selected depending on measurement requirement.
  • Provided with the measurement algorithm to follow up a sudden change of rotation speed in rising /falling edge or accelerated/decelerated rotation.
  • Enables calculation and display of rotation speed by sound or vibration from a measurement object with an inaccessible rotating shaft.
  • Non-contact rotation measurement of a thin rotating shaft in a micromotor or fan blades.
  • Various detectors are available to cover wide measurement requirements.
  • Provided with an analogue output and averaging functions.
  • Large size LCD with backlight for displaying the measured result.

Further Information

Measurement section
Measurement object
DC motor, compressor, engine or other general rotating objects
Calculation method
FFT calculation method
Measurement time
250 ms or less
Input frequency range
2000 Hz range
30 to 2000 Hz (1,800 to 99,999 r/min)
 500 Hz range
7.5 to 500 Hz (450 to 30,000 r/min)
 250 Hz range
3.75 to 250 Hz (225 to 15,000 r/min)

(at 1 P/R )

Measurement unit
r/min (rotation speed)
Measurement accuracy
±2 x rotation speed resolution (r/min), ±1 count
* The rotation speed accuracy depends on the frequency range.
Minimum rotation speed resolution
Frequency range (Hz) ÷ 6400 x 60 ÷ the number of pulses set (P/R)
* The resolution becomes coarse when the rotation speed is accelerating or decelerating.
6400 = 200 lines x 32
Filter function
Limited to the frequency range that you want to measure (rotation speed range) from the overall range of the selected frequency range
Averaging function
Moving average
No. of averages: OFF, 2, 4, 8, 16
Sensor amplifier sensitivity adjustment dial
The sensor amplifier sensitivity can be adjusted by using the rotary dial located on the right side of the main unit.
Detection section
Applicable detector
Engine rotation
OM-1500, OM-1200, IP-292, IP-296, IP-3000A, IP-3100, FT-0810
VP-202, VP-1220, NP-2000 series NP-3000 series
MI-1432(microphone)+ MI-3111(preamplifier)
Magnetic flux leakage sensor, LED reflected-light optical fiber sensor
* Please note, however, that detection may not be performed correctly depending on the engine or measurement object.
Voltage level
   5 V  :Max ± 5 V 
0.5 V  :Max ± 0.5 V
0.05 V:Max ± 0.05 V
Input coupling
AC coupling
Power supply for NP sensor
Constant Current Power Supply (2.4 ±0.5 mA)
Display section
The number of display digits
5 digits
Character height
10.2 mm
7-segment LCD with backlight
Display update time
0.5 ± 0.2 seconds
Display resolution
1 r/min
Measurement mode section
Mode A, B
Use this mode when there are minimal fluctuations in rotation speed of an object under measurement. (when measuring the rated speed or similar)
Mode C, D, E
Use this mode when rotation speed of an object under measurement accelerates or decelerates. (please note, however, that measurement may not be performed correctly in the case of sudden changes)
Analogue output section
【REVO】Analoge output
Signal output
In proportional to the rotation speed displayed value
Voltage range
0 to 1 V/0 to F.S.(F.S. can be specified optionally.)
Conversion method
10 bit D/A conversion method
±1 % of F.S.
Output update time
250 ms or less
Temperature stability
±0.05 % of F.S./ °C (Zero & Span)
Setting error
±0.5 % of F.S. (adjustment setting error at the time of shipment from the factory, ZERO & SPAN)
Load resistance
100 kΩ or more
Output connector
Ultra-mini jack (Φ 2.5)
【SIG】Analoge output for monitor
Signal output
Analog output for monitor after waveform shaping of sensor signal
Load resistance
100 kΩ or more
Output connector
Ultra-mini jack (Φ 2.5, same which is also used as REVO output.)
Pulse output section
Output signal
Frequency pulse of power spectrum extracted with FFT processing
Output voltage
Lo: 0.5 V or less, Hi: 4.5 V or more(with no-load)
Output update time
Steady rotation measurement mode(Constant):500 ms or less
Rotation acceleration/deceleration measurement mode (Active):250 ms or less
Load resistance
100 kΩ or more
Output connector
Ultra-mini jack (Φ2.5, same which is also used as REVO output.)
General specifications
Power source
Type AAA battery cell x 4 pcs. or PB-7090 exclusive AC adapter (option)
Continuous operating time
Approx. 6 hours (when the backlight is off.)
Approx. 5 hours (when the backlight is on.)
(When alkaline batteries are used at a temperature of 20 °C; excluding the use of an NP series accelerometer *1)
*1: When an NP series accelerometer is used, current consumption increases because of the constant current power supply used to drive the NP series accelerometer. Use of the exclusive adapter is therefore recommended.
Battery LOW display
The "LOW" mark flashes when the voltage has dropped to approx. 4.2 V.
Operating temperature range
0 to +40 °C
Storage temperature range
-10 +50 °C
Operating humidity range
+35 to +85 % RH (with no condensation)
Storage humidity range
+35 to +85 % RH (with no condensation)
Outer dimensions
189.5(L)× 66(W)× 47.5(D)mm (main unit only)
Approx 230 g (main unit only; not including batteries)

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