Ono Sokki FT-0801 Cigarette Lighter Socket Sensor

The Ono Sokki FT-0801 cigarette lighter socket sensor detects ignition noise on voltage from cigarette lighter socket sensor as rotation signal. 

Rotation signal can be detected from a cigarette lighter socket by using the FT-0801 when it is difficult to attach a rotation detector inside engine compartment.

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Overview specification

Applicable tachometer FT-2500 advanced tachometer, FT-7200 handheld type advanced tachometer
Shape of input connector Cigarette lighter socket
Input voltage 12 V, 24 V (battery voltage)
Shape of output connector BNC
Overvoltage output AC coupling (Necessary to protect so that excessive voltage may not be added to the FT series side.)
Filter High-pass filter
Cable length 2 m
Operating temperature range 0 to +40℃
Storage temperature range -10 to +50℃
Weight Approx. 75 g
Outer dimensions φ 22.3 × 69 mm

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