Ono Sokki EC-0201 External Detector of EC-2100

External detector for the EC-2100 Elevator speedometer. Remote operation using signal cable (EC-0921, standard accessory) provides safety measurement.       

*The measurement operations such as power ON and unit selection are performed on the main unit.

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The number of generated pulsed 150 pulse/rotation slit reflection method
Light source Infrared-emitting diode
Light receiving element Photodiode
Allowable shaft load Radial:5 kg, thrust: 5 kg
Bearing life 2×107 r/min・h (at the time of maximum load within the specification)
Power supply Supplied from the EC-2100 (uses the EC-0921 external signal cable for the EC-0201)
Operating temperature range 0 to 45 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to 60 °C
Outer dimensions 60(W)×76(L)×38(D)mm  with jig mounting hole (4-M4 depth 8)
 (same as the EC-091)
weight Approx. 214 g (including batteries, not including circumferential ring)
Accessories External detector signal cable (5 m): EC-0921 x 1 piece
(connection for the EC-2100 and the EC-0201)

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