Hearing Protection Warning Sign, Pulsar SafeEar

Wearing hearing protection constantly in work environments is never popular. The Pulsar SafeEar Hearing Protection Warning Sign solves this as it reacts to noise and lights up to tell people when to put on hearing protection and when it's safe to take it off, so the requirement to wear PPE all the time just in case of high noise levels disappears. 

Optional extras include a Hi-Vis Beacon to make the sign even more obvious and a data logger to monitor noise levels over time. 

  • You set the trigger level between 40 dB(A) to 114 dB(A)
  • Lights up a warning message when noise trigger level is reached
  • Easy to install
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This Hearing Protection Warning Sign is ideal for use as a health and safety warning sign to help protect workers' hearing and monitor safe noise levels in factories, on construction sites and other noisy work environments. In environments where the wearing of hearing protection may not be required at all times, the Pulsar SafeEar acts as a hearing protection sign to tell employees when hearing PPE is required and also when it can be safely removed.


  • Noise warning sign lights up when pre-set noise levels are exceeded
  • Quick & simple to install
  • Warning light trigger level can be adjusted from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
  • Alerts both staff and visitors to noise issues by acting as a hearing protection warning sign
  • Adjustable warning light using high-intensity white LED technology for high visual impact and long operating life
  • These signs can be daisy-chained via a Master and Remote units to cover larger areas
  • Alert messages are available in various languages to cater for a workforce made up of a diverse ethnic mix
  • Optional data logger keeps track of noise level for up to 22 days
  • Optional Hi-Vis beacon comes with a 10m cable for positioning away from the main sign for extra visibility.


  • Perfect as a hearing protection sign for construction sites, factories, and leisure and entertainment spaces (warns people when hearing protection must be worn).

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