Ono Sokki DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder for Sound and Vibration Measurements

The DR-7100 is a high-accuracy portable data recorder for acoustic and vibration measurements. Due to the specific technical nature of this instrument, we advise that you get in touch with us in order to make a purchase.

Ideal for:

  • In-depth sound data analysis
  • In-depth vibration data analysis
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We are living in a world surrounded by increasing levels of noise and vibration, which can have serious effects on our health. The DR-7100 can record highly accurate and reliable noise and vibration information so that steps can be taken to reduce their impact. Compatible with a wide range of accelerometers, tachometers and acoustic sensors as well as with external analysis software and systems, the DR-7100 can form the heart of a comprehensive data logging system for noise and vibration measurements.

Ono Sokki is one of the world's leading manufacturers of this type of instrument and Eurolec are the UK and Ireland's sole distributor of their products.

Key features:

  •  Data recording with high speed, high accuracy (4ch 40 kHz range 24 bit1)
  •  A dynamic range of 90 dB or more
  •  Equipped with a connector for a rotation pulse input
  •  Available for SDHC 8 GB
  •  Speedy setup by TEDS sensor
  •  A compact A5 body size
  •  2-unit synchronicity function (option)

1 40 kHz range: option (20 kHz band frequency: standard)

Number of channels Input × 4
Rotation speed/ external trigger input × 1
Output × 4
Monitor output × 1
Input connector BNC (voltage/CCLD selectable)
TEDS (* Note) IEEE1451.4 (Ver.1.0 or later)
A/D conversion Quantization bit rate : 24 bit
Frequency range 100 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 5 kHz 10 kHz, 20 kHz, 40 kHz* (*40 kHz: option)
Frequency characteristics DC coupling : DC to 3 Hz ± 1.0 dB, 3 Hz to 40 kHz ± 0.5 dB
AC coupling : 1 to 3 Hz ± 1.0 dB, 3 Hz to 40 kHz ± 0.5 dB
Input voltage range 0.01, 0.0316, 0.1, 0.316, 1, 3.16, 10 Vpk (7-step)
Dynamic range 90 dB or more (frequency range 20 kHz, 1 V range, TYP)
Rotation input AC: sine wave or square wave
DC: rectangular wave with pulse width 5µs or more 
Input voltage : 14.1 V or less
Trigger type External, internal, time
Pretrigger 0, 1, 5 s (pretime from trigger event)
Calibration function TEDS direct /setup by sensor sensitivity value
File format ORF format (ONO SOKKI Record Format)
Recording media SD (256 MB), SDHC (4, 8,16,32 GB)
Recording media only after operation check*2
Recording time Approx. 43 minutes (when 4ch recording)
Approx. 172 minutes (when 1ch recording)
(20 kHz range × 2.56, 24 bit, 2 GB memory card in used)
Up to 32 GB memory can be used, up to 2 GB of recording for one file
Power supply Battery cell (Type AA battery, alkaline or nickel hydride ) × 4
External DC : DC +10 to +18 V
Battery life 5 hours or more(nickel hydride cell 2400 mAh in used) 
4 hours or more(nickel hydride cell 1900 mAh in used)
(Frequency range 20 kHz, 4ch, CCLD ON)
Outer dimension 199 (W) × 148(D) × 70(H) mm
Weight 1.1 kg or more (not including batteries)
Type AA battery (LR6) ×4
SD memory card (256 MB) ×1
Carrying case ×1
Shoulder strap ×1
Microphone with earphone ×1 set
Instruction manual ×1 set
DR-0720 40 kHz range expansion function
DR-0730 Unit synchronicity function
DR-0703 Cable for unit synchronicity
DR-0745 AA filter (Anti-Alias Filter *1) OFF function
DR-0711 Remote controller
AX-501 Signal cable 2 m (for output, BNC↔φ2.5 mini-mini plug)
MX-101 Signal cable 1.5 m (for input, BNC↔BNC)
AC adapter (ATS050T-A150)
AC cable
Power supply cable for battery (for 12V-vehicle, 5.4 m)
SDHC memory card*2

*1: Anti-Aliasing Filter : Low-pass filter to avoid aliasing error which may be generated during sampling.
*2: Recommended SDCH memory card: 4 GB (PSDC004GSTCC3AG SDHC:PHISON), 32 GB(PSDC032GMTNC3AG SDHC:PHISON)

* Note: If a TEDS supported sensor made by other companies is used, TEDS information may not be read depending on the type of a TEDS tip included in a sensor.

1. If you are considering the purchase of a TEDS sensor made by other companies, please consult to the manufacturer or dealer of the TEDS sensor, and perform the operation check.

2. When you want to use a TEDS sensor you already have with the TEDS supported measurement instruments made by Ono Sokki, please perform the operation check with a demonstration product of Ono Sokki. (Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.)

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