DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder for Sound & Vibration

The DR-7100 is a high accuracy portable data recorder for acoustic and vibration measurements.

We are living in a world surrounded by increasing levels of noise and vibration, which can have serious effects on our health. The DR-7100 can record highly accurate and reliable noise and vibration information so that steps can be taken to reduce their impact. Compatible with a wide range of accelerometers, tachometers and acoustic sensors as well as with external analysis software and systems, the DR-7100 can form the heart of a comprehensive data logging system for noise and vibration measurements.


  •  Data recording with high speed, high accuracy (4ch 40 kHz range 24 bit1)
  •  A dynamic range of 90 dB or more
  •  Equipped with a connector for a rotation pulse input
  •  Available for SDHC 8 GB
  •  Speedy setup by TEDS sensor
  •  A compact A5 body size
  •  2-unit synchronicity function (option)

1 40 kHz range: option (20 kHz band frequency: standard)

Number of channels Input × 4
Rotation speed/ external trigger input × 1
Output × 4
Monitor output × 1
Input connector BNC (voltage/CCLD selectable)
TEDS (* Note) IEEE1451.4 (Ver.1.0 or later)
A/D conversion Quantization bit rate : 24 bit
Frequency range 100 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 5 kHz 10 kHz, 20 kHz, 40 kHz* (*40 kHz: option)
Frequency characteristics DC coupling : DC to 3 Hz ± 1.0 dB, 3 Hz to 40 kHz ± 0.5 dB
AC coupling : 1 to 3 Hz ± 1.0 dB, 3 Hz to 40 kHz ± 0.5 dB
Input voltage range 0.01, 0.0316, 0.1, 0.316, 1, 3.16, 10 Vpk (7-step)
Dynamic range 90 dB or more (frequency range 20 kHz, 1 V range, TYP)
Rotation input AC: sine wave or square wave
DC: rectangular wave with pulse width 5µs or more 
Input voltage : 14.1 V or less
Trigger type External, internal, time
Pretrigger 0, 1, 5 s (pretime from trigger event)
Calibration function TEDS direct /setup by sensor sensitivity value
File format ORF format (ONO SOKKI Record Format)
Recording media SD (256 MB), SDHC (4, 8,16,32 GB)
Recording media only after operation check*2
Recording time Approx. 43 minutes (when 4ch recording)
Approx. 172 minutes (when 1ch recording)
(20 kHz range × 2.56, 24 bit, 2 GB memory card in used)
Up to 32 GB memory can be used, up to 2 GB of recording for one file
Power supply Battery cell (Type AA battery, alkaline or nickel hydride ) × 4
External DC : DC +10 to +18 V
Battery life 5 hours or more(nickel hydride cell 2400 mAh in used) 
4 hours or more(nickel hydride cell 1900 mAh in used)
(Frequency range 20 kHz, 4ch, CCLD ON)
Outer dimension 199 (W) × 148(D) × 70(H) mm
Weight 1.1 kg or more (not including batteries)
Type AA battery (LR6) ×4
SD memory card (256 MB) ×1
Carrying case ×1
Shoulder strap ×1
Microphone with earphone ×1 set
Instruction manual ×1 set
DR-0720 40 kHz range expansion function
DR-0730 Unit synchronicity function
DR-0703 Cable for unit synchronicity
DR-0745 AA filter (Anti-Alias Filter *1) OFF function
DR-0711 Remote controller
AX-501 Signal cable 2 m (for output, BNC↔φ2.5 mini-mini plug)
MX-101 Signal cable 1.5 m (for input, BNC↔BNC)
AC adapter (ATS050T-A150)
AC cable
Power supply cable for battery (for 12V-vehicle, 5.4 m)
SDHC memory card*2

*1: Anti-Aliasing Filter : Low-pass filter to avoid aliasing error which may be generated during sampling.
*2: Recommended SDCH memory card: 4 GB (PSDC004GSTCC3AG SDHC:PHISON), 32 GB(PSDC032GMTNC3AG SDHC:PHISON)

* Note: If a TEDS supported sensor made by other companies is used, TEDS information may not be read depending on the type of a TEDS tip included in a sensor.

1. If you are considering the purchase of a TEDS sensor made by other companies, please consult to the manufacturer or dealer of the TEDS sensor, and perform the operation check.

2. When you want to use a TEDS sensor you already have with the TEDS supported measurement instruments made by Ono Sokki, please perform the operation check with a demonstration product of Ono Sokki. (Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.)

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