Ono Sokki CF-9200/9400 Portable 2 Channel/4 Channel FFT Analyser

The CF-9200 and CF-9400 are all-in-one portable FFT analysers. All functions can be carried out using the integrated hard keys and type touch panel, without the need to use a PC for data analysis. Due to the specific technical nature of this instrument, we advise that you get in touch with us in order to make a purchase.

Ideal for:

  • Detailed analysis of noise data
  • Detailed analysis of vibration data
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The CF-9200 and CF-9400 are an all-in-one portable FFT analyzer. All FFT analysis operations can be performed with the integrated hard keys and capacitance type touch panel without requiring an external PC for analysis. The new, exclusively developed 100kHz high-performance analysis front-end system incorporating a 24-bit A/D converter enables easier and more reliable analysis of noise and vibration generated by plant lines, pumps, motors, automobiles, railway vehicles, home electrical appliances and devices, and electrical and electronic parts than previous models. The CF-9200 and CF-9400 also offer solutions for field workers in their FFT analysis, including the resonance and frequency characteristics of mechanical structures in a vibrating environment with electromagnetic vibrators and impulse hammers.

Ono Sokki is one of the world's leading manufacturers of this type of instrument and Eurolec are the UK and Ireland's sole distributor of their products.

Key features:

  •  Compact, lightweight and high mobility portable, 2-channel/4-channel
  •  10.4 type liquid crystal intuitive touch panel operations with a swipe or pinch
  •  Noise or vibration-free operation in a fan-less and spindle-less design
  •  Offering 120 dB or more dynamic range (at 4096 points or more of FFT frame length, 1kHz or more). The real-time rate is 100 kHz
  •  Batteries enable continuous cordless operation of up to 5 hours. (Possible to change the battery during the operation.)
  •  100 kHz internal data recording system
  •  USB mass storage class function (Windows7)
  •  LAN connecting function (Option)/ Bluetooth connecting function (Option)
  •  Recorded data can be saved in an internal SD/SDHC memory card or USB memory stick.
  •  All channels are operating isolation input or CCLD & TEDS.

1. Input section

Input channels (CF-9200) 2ch
Input channels (CF-9400) 4ch
Input configuration Single-ended
Isolation Isolated between each channel (permanently)
Input connector BNC (CO2 type)
Input coupling DC or AC(0.5 Hz -3 dB±10 %)
Input impedance 1 MΩ ± 0.5 %, 100 pF or less
Power supply for sensor (CCLD) Supplies the current to a constant-current type sensor via a coaxial cable from the input connector (BNC terminal): +24V/4mA
Cable disconnection detecting function Detects cable disconnection when CCLD used.
TEDS function(* Note) Accepts IEEE1451.4 ver.1.0 based sensor,microphone
Absolute maximum input voltage AC 70 Vrms 1 minutes(50 Hz)
Input voltage range 1 Vrms/31.62 Vrms (2 ranges)
DC offset -60 dB F.S or less(when Auto zero ON)
Input level monitor OVER: Red LED ON ( range F.S)
Frequency range DC to 100 kHz
A/D converter 24 bits ⊿Σ Type
Dynamic range 120 dB or more (at 4096 points or more of FFT frame length, 1 kHz or more)
Amplitude flatness Under 20kHz : ±0.1 dB
20 kHz or more: ±0.2 dB
Harmonic distortion Under 20kHz : -80 dB 
20 kHz or more: -75 dB
Aliasing -80 dB or less
Full scale accuracy ±0.1 dB(at 1 kHz)
Amplitude linearity ±0.015 %(at full scale)
Channel to channel cross talk -100 dB or less(at 1 kHz)
Channel to channel gain accuracy 20 kHz or less:±0.05 dB
20 kHz or more (at same range):±0.1 dB
Channel to channel phase accuracy Under 20 kHz:±0.3 deg 
20 kH or more:±0.7 deg
Anti alias filter 4th Butterworth: LPF 450 kHz -3 dB
Digital filter
FFT aliasing filter Base band: 10 th ellipse
Zoom: 6 th ellipse
Real time octave band 6 th butterworth
Filter IEC 61260 Ed. 1.0 class1
Frequency weighting filter A-weighting, C-weighting 
IEC 61672-1Ed. 1.0 class1
ANSI S1.4-1983 TYPE1 
JIS C1509-1:2005 Class1
External sampling input
Input connector BNC (CO2 type)
Input voltage range ±12 V
Input coupling AC/DC
Detection level -12 V to 12 V step 0.025 V
Slope + (rising) or – (falling)
Hysteresis level Optionally setup(Initial value 0.5 V, range 0.025 V to 24 V)
Input frequency range 0 to 300 kHz (out-of-band filter 300kH -3dB)
Absolute maximum input voltage AC/DC 30 V
Number of input pulse/rotation 0.5 to 1024 P/R
Input pulse frequency dividing function R1 to 1024 frequency dividing, step 1
*It is essential when the input frequency is over 4kHz.
Waveform monitor Waveform can be checked on the screen.
External sample input LED Green LED (EXT SAMP) ON when the pulse is detected.
External trigger input
Input connector BNC (CO2 type)
Input voltage range ±12 V
Input coupling AC/DC
Detection level -12 V to 12 V step 0.025 V
Slope + (rising) or – (falling)
Hysteresis level Optionally setup
(Initial value 0.5V, range 0.025V to 24V)
Input frequency range 0 to 300 kHz 
(out-of-band filter 300kHz -3dB)
Absolute maximum input voltage AC/DC 30V
Waveform monitor Waveform can be checked on the screen.
External sample input LED Green LED (EXT SAMP) ON when the pulse is detected.

* Note: If a TEDS supported sensor made by other companies is used, TEDS information may not be read depending on the type of a TEDS tip included in a sensor.

1. If you are considering the purchase of a TEDS sensor made by other companies, please consult to the manufacturer or dealer of the TEDS sensor, and perform the operation check.

2. When you want to use a TEDS sensor you already have with the TEDS supported measurement instruments made by Ono Sokki, please perform the operation check with a demonstration product of Ono Sokki. (Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.)


2. Display unit

Size 10.4-inch
Resolution 800 × 600 dots *
Method TFT color LCD with a capacitance type touch panel
Brightness adjustment 2-level brightness adjustment
Back light LED

* The ratio of the number of effective dots : 99.999% or more.

3. Operating section

Power switch Power ON: Press and hold the switch more than 1 second
Power OFF: Press and hold the switch until a beep is made. After the beep, lift the finger off to the power OFF. 
When the switch is pressed continuously, the power is forcibly OFF.
Operation keys (soft keys) Detailed settings for each function can be performed by soft keys lower on the LCD display.
Operation keys (direct keys)
Cursor & selector key Right and left, up and down, SEARCH, ⊿SET, ESC
Switches of measurement SCHED, TRIG ON, AVG, START, STOP etc
Misoperation preventing function Hold and press to lock, unlock the soft key & direct key (excluding power switch).
Printing key PRINT:Directly prints the displayed screen when connecting a recommended printer
Auto sequence play key AUTO SEQ: Reproduces the registered continuous operation content
Frequency range selector key FREQ right and left
Y-axis scale selector Y SCALE up and down
Signal output ON/OFF SIGNAL OUT
(Available when the CF-0971 option is installed.)

4. Analysis section

Frequency range 100 mHz to 100 kHz
Frequency accuracy ±0.005 %(±50 ppm)of the reading values
Overlap processing MAX/66.7 % / 50 % / 0 % / Arbitrary setup
Sampling frequency Analysis range x 2.56(Internal sampling)
Number of sampling points / analysis points
Number of Sampling points Number of Analysis points
256 100
512 200
1024 400
2048 800
4096 1600
8192 3200
16384 6400
Overlap processing MAX/66.7%/50%/0%/ optional setup
Window function Rectangular/hanning/flat-top/force/exponential/user-defined
Delay function With reference to channel 1, time frame of other channels can be delayed by 0 to 8191 points.
Time waveform processing function First and second order differentials/single and double integrals
Absolute value conversion/DC cancel/trend elimination/smoothing
FFT real-time rate 100 kHz/4ch (internal sampling: FFT frame length 2048 points or less)
Averaging function
Averaging can be stopped in terms of times or time.
Number of averaging setup 1 to 65535 times
Averaging setup time 0.1 to 999 seconds, 0.1-second step
Time domain Summation average / exponential average
Frequency domain Summation average / exponential average / peak hold /Subtraction average / sweep average / Fourier average / Max OA
Amplitude domain Summation average
A/D-over cancel / Double hammer cancel / Averaging permission select function (ADD+1) / Averaging undo function
Trigger function Green LED (TRIG'D) blinks when triggered
Trigger level -99 to 99(unit:%) default=25 %
Possible to set threshold value by amplitude unit (including user calibration value)
Hysteresis level 0 to 99(unit:%) default=2 %
Position ±16383
Mode Free / Repeat / Single / One-shot
Source CH1 / CH2(CF-9200)to CH3 / CH4(CF-9400) / external trigger input
Slope +/-/ ±(Internal trigger) +/-(external trigger)
FFT calculation 32-bit floating point (IEEE single-precision format)

5. Processing functions

Time domain Time-axis waveform / auto-correlation function / cross-correlation function/impulse response/cepstrum
Amplitude domain Amplitude probability density function/amplitude probability distribution function
Frequency domain Power spectrum/Tripatite graph*/Fourier spectrum/Liftered spectrum/Cross spectrum/Frequency response function/Coherence function/Coherence output power
Calculation function
(Time-axis statistical processing)
Mean value / absolute mean value/rms value / standard deviation / maximum value / minimum value / crest factors / kewness / kurtosis

*1/3oct VC Curves: Display is selectable from VC-A to VC-E. 1/3oct: Bundled octave processing

6. Memory function

Recording device Selectable internal storage in main body or SD/SDHC card
Recording function
Frequency range 100 kHz max.
Recording channel Ch1/ch2 (CF-9200), ch1 to ch4 (CF-9400)
Also rotation information recording is possible.
Recording time 4GB: approx. 32 minutes, 50kHz range 4ch recording rotation information OFF, 2048 sampling points
Marker Pressing [ESC] allows marking data in a file during recording.
Recording format ORF
Maximum recording capacity Internal storage approx. 6 GB
SDHC memory card(32 GB max.)
Data file 9990 (999 data x 10 bocks) data
DAT / TXT / BMP (Data can be saved simultaneously in three formats.)
Panel condition memory Memorizes and recalls measurement conditions. (50 types max.)
Handwritten memo memory Hand written memo on the touch panel can be memorized.

7. Interface

Number of ports Number of ports : 3 (A type)
USB(A type) USB : USB memory (2.0), for wireless LAN module, Bluetooth® module
DATA (mini B type) Number of ports : 1 (mini B type)
USB memory (2.0) mass storage class function Data in the main unit can be read by connecting to a PC. (not writable)
SD card
Number of ports 1
Supports SD/SDHC Capacity 4 to 32 GB*
(*Not guaranteed all types of SD, SDH card.)
Number of ports 1
10BASE/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T External control
Wireless LAN connection
Wireless LAN module recommended product made by TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd
Bluetooth® module recommended product made by ORICO Technologies Co., Ltd
Printer output Print by PRINT key of the main unit
Interface USB or Bluetooth
(when Bluetooth module mounted)
Applicable printer Applicable printer MW-260 Type A
Brother Industries, Ltd.
Output data Screenshot / list display copy

8. Other functions

Condition view List display of specified conditions
Clock Year, month and date in western calendar
Hour, minute and second display
Operation sound/alarm sound Can be specified ON / OFF

9. General specification

Power supply AC adapter or batteries (Both provided as standard)
Power consumption
(When CF-0971 signal output option is installed. )
87 VA or less
(When AC adapter is used, not during battery charging)
150 VA or less
(AC adapter is used, during battery charging)
(When CF-0971  signal output option is installed.)
73 VA or less
(AC adapter is used, not during batter charging)
150 VA or less
(AC adapter is used, during battery charging)
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 °C (Humidity 20 to 80 % RH, with no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10 to +50 °C (Including lithium ion secondary batteries) 
(Humidity 20 to 80 % RH, with no condensation)
Functional ground terminal Ground terminal for denoising
Outer dimensions Smaller than 333(W)×248(H)×112(D) mm
*Not including handle, stand and protruded sections.
Main unit cooling Naturally air-cooling (fanless)
Weight Without batteries: approx. 3.9 kg
With two batteries: approx. 4.9 kg
CE marking Applicable(EN61010-1: 2010(3rd), EN61326-1: 2013, EN50581: 2013)
Vibration resistance 9.8 m/s2 ( frequency 10 to 150 Hz, 150 minutes, in each of X, Y and Z direction)
Shock resistance 500 m/s2 (11 ms duration)

10. AC adapter (PS-P20023A)

Input voltage AC 100 to 240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output voltage Rated 16 V
Output current Rated 4 A
Safety standard PSE / CE / UL / GS

11. Batteries

Battery Lithium ion secondary batteries, "Hot swap" available
Quantity Two batteries can be mounted on the main unit. (Detachable)
Battery life Continuous operating of 5 hours(When new two batteries are mounted.)
4CH 100 kHz analysis / signal output OFF / Liquid crystal backlight(light) / when USB port is not used.
Battery status display
Main unit screen Displays the remaining battery level on the main unit screen when operating on the secondary battery.
Battery LED
Orange LED is on during charging, green LED is on when full charged. (When connecting AC adapter)
Red LED is on when LOW BATT (When remaining battery becomes less than 5 % and not using AC adapter)
When remaining battery becomes less than 15 %, displays a warning message.
Processing on lower battery remaining level When remaining battery becomes less than 3 %, displays a warning message and shuts down automatically after saving the data in backup.
Stores the latest panel condition
Charging time
Charging time in operation Approx. 8 to 9 hours 
(depending on the usage conditions)
Charging time when the power OFF Approx. 4.5 to 5 hours
External battery charger(recommended product) Approx. 4.5 to 5 hours

12. Signal output (CF-0971 1CH Signal output module): Option

Number of channels 1
Output connector BNC(C02 type)
Isolation Non-isolated
Output voltage amplitude ±1 mV to ±10 V(Amplitude+DC offset)
Output format Unbalanced output
Output coupling DC
Protection circuit Short-circuit protection
Output impedance 0 Ω or 50 Ω±10 %
Maximum output current 10 mA
Offset voltage ±10 V
D/A convertor 16-bit
Conversion rate 512 kHz max.
D/A convertor 16-bit
Output waveform Sine wave / Swept-sine / Pseudo random / Random/Impulse
THD and spurious -75 dB or less(at Sine wave 1 kHz, amplitude ±1 V output)
FFT Analysis length 256 to 16384
Zoom analysis Available(relative to zoom analysis range)
Voltage amplitude accuracy ±0.5 dB or less(at 1 kHz, 1 V0-p, 1 MΩ load)
Frequency accuracy ±50 ppm
Digital filter
Smoothing filter The remaining battery level can be displayed on the main unit screen when operating on the secondary battery.
Zoom: 6 th ellipse
Octave band filter 1/1 or 1/3 octave
6 th butterworth
Pink filter Analog method -3 dB/oct ± 1.0 dB(prescribed for 20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Burst function Single burst, continuous burst
Burst cycle
Sine wave 1 to 32767 cycles
Swept-sine/ Pseudo random/ impulse 1 to 32767 FFT frames
Random 1 ms to 32 s
Cycle setting unit and Burst interval
Sine wave Sine wave 1 cycle
Swept-sine / Pseudo random/ Impulse 1 FFT frame
Random 1 ms
Taper function The output can be gradually increased or decreased when the signal is turned ON or OFF.
1 ms to 32 s(1ms-steps)
*This function is disabled when the burst function is ON.
Spectrum flatness 20 kHz to 100 kHz:±1.0 dB or less
0 to 20 kHz:±0.2 dB or less
Crest factor
Sine wave Approx. 1.41
Swept-sine Approx.1.4 to 1.6
Pseudo random 3.3 or less
Random 3.3 or less
Impulse 32.0 or less

13. Option

Model name Product name
CF-9200 Portable 2ch FFT Analyzer(Main unit)
CF-9400 Portable 4ch FFT Analyzer(Main unit)
CF-0922 Tracking Analysis Function (Software option)
CF-0923 RTA Function (Software option)
CF-0942 Log Sweep/Excitation Control Function (Software option) *CF-0971 is required.
CF-0971 1 ch Signal Output Module(Installation fee will be charged separately.)
DR202 Lithium ion secondary battery made by STL(Two pieces are included at the time of purchase.)
CF-0703 USB connection cable(Included at the time of purchase) (1.5 m・TYPE-A, for mini-B USB mass storage class function)(with ferrite core) *USB cable is provided as standard.
CF-0951* Reference guide(Japanese version)(PDF version is included on the attached CD-ROM).
CF-0951E* Reference guide(English version)(PDF version is included on the attached CD-ROM).
CC-0025 Soft carrying case
CC-0091 Hard carrying case

*Either one of instruction is attached.

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