The Perfect Baking Temperatures for the Festive Season

The Perfect Baking Temperatures for the Festive Season

With the festive season in full swing, I thought now would be the perfect time to explore the tastier side of temperature and explore the link between temperature and food. What better place to start than by looking at the perfect baking/cooking temperatures for some the best Christmas treats? Making our list are some of Christmas' absolute staples including mince pies, Christmas cake, and Christmas pudding. So, from all the digging I've done online and from my incredibly limited knowledge of baking, here are the perfect baking temperatures for some of our favourite treats:

Mince pie - 220°c

Yule log - 200°c

Christmas Cupcakes - 190°c

Christmas pudding - 180°c

Gingerbread biscuit - 160°c

Christmas cake - 140°c

Ensuring that your festive treats are baked at the correct temperature isn't just about making sure they taste exactly as they should, it's about making sure that they're safe to eat!

Are there any rules about cooking temperature?

As with most things, there are rules and regulations that govern the cooking and serving temperatures of certain food. According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, food should be cooked thoroughly to ensure that all food-poisoning bacteria is killed, and the core temperature of any food being cooked should reach 75°c instantly, to ensure that it's safe to eat. Certain foods are exempt such as steaks, fish and shellfish, but the person cooking these items must be fully trained and experienced. Not only are there rules around the cooking of food, but also the around cooling and storing food. It may seem like there's a rule for everything, but it's all to keep people healthy and make sure our food is safe to eat.

So, what can be used to make sure you've got the cooking temperature right?

Thankfully, testing the temperature of your mince pies as you're baking doesn't involve putting your hand into the oven, as most modern appliances will either have a temperature reading on them or if you're cooking with gas, you'll have chosen the correct gas mark. However, if you work in the hospitality and catering industry, you will need to use a properly-calibrated thermometer to check that the temperature of the food you're serving is correct. Luckily, we manufacture and sell a variety of high-accuracy thermometers that are perfect to use in the catering industry. We also offer a full calibration service, which will ensure that your instruments are reading accurately and that whatever you're serving, is safe to eat. No one wants to end up poorly after indulging in one of their favourite gastronomic treats, so it's really important to make sure that whatever you're serving is the correct temperature and has been cooked thoroughly.

Speaking of favourite gastronomic treats, there's a mince pie in the office kitchen with my name on it.

Merry Christmas!