Make sure your turkey is perfectly cooked this Christmas!

Make sure your turkey is perfectly cooked this Christmas!

There aren’t many things worse on Christmas day than sitting down to dinner with your family and having a dry and over-cooked turkey.

Many people will cook their food to the stated time on the packaging, however, supermarkets often slightly overestimate their timings to ensure food safety guidelines have been met. This can often lead to a dry and over-cooked meal.

As thermometer manufacturers, we believe that the best way to make sure your Christmas turkey isn’t over-cooked (or even worse, under-cooked) is to use the temperature of the meat as your cooking guide as opposed to the suggested cooking time. This way you can guarantee yourself a delicious turkey that is safe for consumption.

How do I know if my turkey is cooked?

No matter which way you cook your turkey, the last thing you want is to give yourself and your family food poisoning!

When using a temperature probe or food thermometer, like the Eurolec Stainless Steel Catering Thermometer, you should ensure you’re measuring the thickest part of the bird. This is found between the breast and the thigh and will give you a more accurate result.

Once the thickest part of your turkey reaches 70°C (158°F) for a 2-minute period, you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to check the temperature when you reheat your leftovers too – it’s recommended they should reach 75°C (167°F) before consumption.

The Eurolec Stainless Steel Catering Thermometer

This device is perfect for measuring the inner temperature of your turkey (or any other meats) on Christmas day.

The sleek and compact Stainless Steel Thermometer has a measurement range of between -40°C to +300°C, with a measurement accuracy of +/-0.5°C in the 0-100°C range, perfect for your bird.

With an LCD Digital Display, a hold function, automatic shut-off and a practical handle for hanging, why would you need anything else for your measurements?

Don’t put a downer on Christmas dinner, purchase your temperature probe today.

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