Could the air we breathe increase our chances of falling ill?

Could the air we breathe increase our chances of falling ill?

As winter continues and people go on to spend more time indoors, good ventilation could be key to avoiding Coronavirus.

As well as washing our hands regularly and maintaining social distancing, scientists and engineers have also said that we should consider the air we breathe inside buildings, as good ventilation can go a long way towards avoiding the virus.

If you walk into a room and immediately feel stale air it means that there isn’t enough fresh air being introduced into the room, which in turn increases your chances of getting infected by Coronavirus. So regularly checking the quality of the air around you is becoming increasingly important.

Testing the air quality

At Eurolec instruments, we offer a line of indoor air and comfort level testing meters, made by Testo, which will help you ensure that your building HVAC systems are working properly.

Indoor air quality is ascertained by measuring room temperature, humidity, airflow, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide levels.

The testo 435-2 indoor air quality meter allows you to carry out all the measurements that are necessary to test the quality of indoor air and check and adjust ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Find out more about the testo 435-2 indoor air quality meter and the wide range of probes and sensors that work alongside the meter here.

We also supply a comprehensive range of HVAC testing equipment from testo, including climate measurement instruments, differential thermometers, anemometers and digital manifold sets.

HVAC/R can bee demanding work requiring fast, reliable and durable tools. Whether you’re an apprentice, new to the job, or a seasoned HVAC/R technician, we have the testing equipment to help you.

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