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Eurolec offers a range of thermometers and other temperature measurement solutions. 

About our range of temperature measurement instruments and thermometers

We supply a wide range of temperature measurement instruments, from low-cost folding pocket thermometers suitable for the home kitchen, through to laboratory-standard benchtop reference thermometers. We supply our range of thermometers to a host of sectors including food, catering and hospitality, pharma-chem and petro-chemical, and environmental health.

All Eurolec temperature measurement instruments come supplied with an up-to-date calibration certificate traceable to UKAS and are backed by our initial 1-year warranty, which covers all accidental damage. The initial warranty can be extended up to 5 years when your temperature measurement instruments are returned to us annually for calibration.

Typical applications for our thermometers include:

  • Handheld thermometers for food production, catering and resales and HACCP compliance
  • Pocket/folding thermometers for home kitchen and domestic use
  • Thermocouple thermometers for fridges, ovens and food storage areas
  • Probe thermometers for multiple applications, including legionella testing, air temperature testing, and concrete/bitumen testing
  • Non-contact infrared thermometers for fever detection and human temperature testing
  • Reference thermometers for temperature measurement instrument calibration and verification
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial thermometers for a range of process and control applications.

Temperature Measurement Kits

All of the temperature measurement instruments and thermometers supplied by Eurolec are available as full measurement kits, which contain the instrument, probe, hygienic wipes (if applicable) and a carrying case.