Temperature Calibration Sources

Precision & Economy Temperature Calibration Sources

Accurate temperature measurements are essential if you need to meet standards, regulations or guidelines. Ensuring that your themometers are reading accurately is an essential part of this process and using a reference calibration source can help you achieve this.

We have a range of temperature calibration sources that allow you to verify the readings from probe or IR thermometers, providing you with the confidence that your measurements are accurate.

The CS and CSEC Series of temperature calibration sources cover a wide range of temperatures and provide both insert (with 6 probe holes as standard), a black-body for Infra-red thermometers and the option of a blank insert (CS174-IN & CS175-IN). The blank insert is provided to allow for custom probe sizes to be accomodated.

Details of the CS and CSEC series, including the high temperature CS350 and CS650 versions can be found below.

This type of calibration source is also known as a Dry Block Calibration Source and is ideal for use where a range of different thermometers and probes require regulation calibration and verification.

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