Temperature Calibration equipment

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Temperature Calibration equipment

Eurolec provides a range of temperature calibration equipment including devices for thermometer calibration, calibration sources and calibrators so you can rely on the measurements your temperature measurement instruments take.

About our temperature calibration sources

Ensuring the accuracy of your temperature measurement instruments is essential to meet health and safety and industry-specific standards, regulations, or guidelines (such as HACCP).

An essential part of this is making sure that your thermometers are reading accurately and using a reference calibration source will achieve this.

CS Precision calibration sources

The CS Precision range of calibration sources designed and manufactured by Eurolec Instrumentation is unlike most other calibration sources available on the market, both in terms of build quality and capability.

All calibration sources within the CS Precision range incorporate blackbody and dry-block technology, meaning they’re able to calibrate both probe thermometers (ranging from 2mm – 8.5mm in diameter) and infrared thermometers.

These calibrators are designed to be able to calibrate temperatures ranging from 40°C below ambient temperature, up to 200°C, and come with resolutions of either 0.01 or 0.1.

What are blackbody calibration sources?

A blackbody calibration source is used for checking the calibration of an infrared temperature sensor. Blackbody calibration sources are uniform, temperature stable sources of infrared radiation that approximate the ideal blackbody. The primary function of a blackbody source is to provide certain sources for calibrating infrared sensors and systems.

What are dry-block calibration sources?

Dry-block (also known as dry-well) calibrators use pre-drilled metal inserts for inserting the temperature sensor that is being calibrated. These calibrators have a removable metal insert with pre-drilled holes where sensors (or temperature probes) are inserted for measurement.

Repair and calibration service

At Eurolec we provide a comprehensive repair and calibration service for your instruments.

In addition to our own manufactured range of instruments, we can also carry out repairs and calibration to other brands of thermometers.