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Ono Sokki

Ono Sokki is a world-leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative measurement and testing instrumentation for research and development, quality control and production line engineers, especially in the automotive industry. 

Eurolec is proud to be the exclusive reseller for Ono Sokki products in the Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom.

Ono Sokki describes themselves as a one-stop solution for measurement. They are a measurement instrument manufacturer focused on the tasks of applying digital technology to measurement applications, and has a proud history in that field, including development of Japan's first digital counter 40 years ago, and myriad products using digital technology.

In 1973 they were the first company in Japan to apply digital technology to the development of a practical FFT analyser, a valuable tool in the reduction of noise and vibration. Today, these analysers can be found not only in industry, but in fields such as medicine as well.

Their wider product range includes engine rpm and torque measurement, sound and vibration testing, rotary encoders, tachometers, data processing and more.