Fever Detection

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Fever Detection

Eurolec stock a range of non-contact thermometers for human fever detection. These thermometers have been specifically designed to measure the temperature of humans, without contact.

These instruments are crucial to ensuring you have a way of quickly and safely testing people's temperatures in the workplace, allowing you to take necessary steps to yourself, your employees and your families safe.

Non-contact thermometers for fever detection

There are several ways to measure a person’s body temperature including placing thermometers on the forehead or in the mouth, ear, or armpit. Non-contact thermometers (including non-contact infrared thermometers, and thermal detection cameras or thermal scanners) allow a person’s temperature to be taken with minimal (tympanic) or no contact with the person. The lack of contact also means there is reduced need for disinfection between testing people, allowing for easier and faster use when screening large numbers of people in settings like airports or border crossings.

The main types of non-contact thermometers are non-contact infrared thermometers, tympanic thermometers, and thermal scanners. Non-contact infrared thermometers are held three to 15 cm away from the patient and typically measure temperature on the forehead or temple. Tympanic thermometers measure the thermal radiation from the tympanic membrane and within the ear canal. Handheld thermal scanners can be used to take a person’s temperature from a greater distance than other non-contact thermometers, which may make them helpful in mass screening situations. Often the optimal cut-off temperature for determining fever can be set by the user.