Blackbody & Dry-Block Temperature Calibration Sources

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Blackbody & Dry-Block Temperature Calibration Sources

A calibration source is an infrared radiation source which helps in the control of measuring devices such as infrared thermometers or thermal imagers. There are two principal types a Black Body Calibration Source and a Dry Block Source. Both types enable the user to calibrate their own thermometers onsite under laboratory conditions.

Dry block calibrators heat or cool a metal block to a very specific temperature. Temperature probes can be inserted into a range of probe holes on the source and be calibrated accurately. A blackbody calibrator has a radiation source, and the user inserts their probe into the target area for calibration. Blackbody calibrators can be used to calibrate infrared thermometers.

Eurolec make a calibration source that includes both types and can calibrate any make or model thermometer. The Eurolec range has been designed to work all types of temperature measurement instruments.

Ensuring the accuracy of your temperature measurement instruments is essential to meet health and safety and industry-specific standards, regulations or guidelines. Making sure that your thermometers are reading accurately is an essential part of this process and using a reference calibration source will achieve this. We have a range of industry-leading temperature calibration sources that allow you to verify the readings from both probe and infrared thermometers, giving you the confidence in knowing that your measurements are accurate.

The CS Precision range of calibration sources, designed and manufactured by Eurolec Instruments is unlike most other calibration sources available on the market, both in terms of build quality and capability. All calibration sources within the CS Precision range come equipped with the ability to calibrate both probe thermometers (ranging from 2mm up to 8.5mm in diameter) and infrared thermometers, as they incorporate blackbody and dry-block technology in one unit. The CS Precision range of temperature calibration sources is designed to be able to calibrate to temperatures ranging from 40˚C below ambient temperature, up to 200˚C, and come with resolutions of either 0.01, or 0.1. The CS High-Temperature calibration source uses dry-block technology to calibrate probe thermometer up to temperatures of 650˚C.