Eurolec’s Portable Thermometer Tested in the Harshest Environment

The most recent additions to the Eurolec range of instrumentation, the Pro-Com series of thermometers and probes have been put under test in one of the harshest environments in the world.

An international research team embarked on ‘Poletrack’ a 1000 KM climate research expedition. Various sensors and probes were used in the recording of data, including a Eurolec portable thermometer, the PC Temp PT1, to measure snow temperature.

The PC Temp PT1 uses a high accuracy PT1000 sensor providing readings from -30  up to 200 C. The PC series were designed and manufactured for demanding HACCP applications and were chosen by the test expedition for their accuracy, reliability and robustness. Data from the expedition will be used for weather forecasts and research purposes, including the World Climate Research Programme.

The PC Temp PT1 complements Eurolec’s existing range of portable and process instrumentation for temperature, pressure and other parameters.

PC Temp PT1 Eurolec portable thermometer

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